Vietnam, 1968 – PBS and me

I stuffed another thousand envelopes watching Sunday night’s return to Vietnam. It was about 1968 when I was in my last year of Debate at Mankato High and would switch over to being a Senior. I would drop debate because I wasn’t quite as dedicated as our teams survivors. Our coach was a misogynistic jerk […]

Muhammed Ali – a Remembrance

To write this post I googled a timeline of Muhammed Ali’s life. For the purpose of this post I’m only interested in my own impressionalbe years from my age 9 until age 23′ I discovered that my Dad was a sport’s enthusiast of the barkalounger type early on. Just before I hit my teenage years […]

Countdown Day 48 –

I will be proof reading and editing this tomorrow morning. I knew just how I wanted to begin this post when I got up at 5AM, eighteen hours ago. I’ve been so busy that its 11:04PM and there is no way I can put it all together and edit it into respectable shape before midnight. […]

Me too Governor Christie!

My first experience with a Muslim in America was my family’s AFS foreign student from Eritrea. He never mentioned Sharia law. He seemed mostly interested in living the happy life American kids did with sin, sex, booze and affluence at the ultimate goal. He was probably killed by Christians when he returned home. Talk about […]

The lies of Keith Dixon #4 and 5

Dr. Dixon told his first recorded lie in Duluth just three days into the job. His arrival in Duluth coincided with the completion of the memorial to remember the infamous 1920 lynching of three black men in Duluth. I’ve read Michael Fedo’s book on this incident twice over the years and recently took part in […]


This past week I’ve been soaking in the politics of my distant youth. Part of this is research on the political climate leading up to the UGRLC scandal which I plan to resume writing about, but part of it has also a welcome change from the distraction of campaigning for Congress. After plowing through a dozen old Discover magazines […]

Two envelopes

After my swim I found two letters from people I’ve been writing about. One was from Minnesota’s Center for Victims of of Torture. That was Governor Rudy Perpich’s brainchild and I’ve always been partial to it because of Bedru. The other was a letter from Rod Grams obviously generated by the Republican Party’s election machine […]