Good night Lincolndemocrat…

…good morning welty4congress. Yes, I know I joke around about using a congressional campaign to sell books. Its also meant to light a fire under me (to write – not campaign). Oh, and a viral campaign could upend all expectations with four dreary conventional candidates to choose from. It only costs a few dollars to […]

Today’s LDV ad

Today Let Duluth Vote put an ad in the Tribune. A similar ad will appear in this weekend’s Budgeteer. The ad encourages people to contact our area legislators to tell them that we want to vote on the Red Plan and to support the Jaros’ legislation. We also encourage people to attend the next school […]

Divided day

My day was split in two by a mile swim. It began with two dozen folks learning how to raise money for the Duluth Schools Endowment followed by swimming then the fine arts. I went to my second dance class with Claudia and worked on the rhumba and the waltz. I rushed off after that […]