Me and the GOP

Like the communists that were kicked out of the Democratic Party in the 1940’s liberals were kicked out of the GOP but over a much longer period of time. For tradition and contrariness as much as anything else I decided to stick with my family’s long time Party when I reached voting age in 1972. […]

Mutual Admiration Society

If I haven’t mentioned the movie that charmed me when I was a kid called Best of enemies (I think) with David Niven playing a British officer on the North African Front in WWII I should use it as a reference here. In the movie Niven’s Brits take turn capturing and being captured by an […]

“Buy a Newspaper”

When I was a kid I saw a David Niven comedy called “Best of Enemies.” Due the the modern miracle of the Internet I was just able to confirm my memory with the link in the preceding sentence. It was about the odd duck friendship between warring enemies on the North African front in WW […]