What’s Sauce for the Goose

Regarding my post on Rush Limbaugh a friend emailed me this comment: Harry…part of your presentation…causes me to think of a possible parallel presentation that would include a picture of Teddy Kennedy, the corpse of Mary Jo Kopechne, the bridge at Chappaquiddick, and a bottle of booze; with the captions, This is your DFL brain, and […]

MAJ 2 – Rosie

This post and the next will reference small interactions that too place in the closed session but which, in my estimation, do not give away anything related to data privacy. Member Rosie Loeffler-Kemp spoke earnestly about the need to keep the meetings discussion confidential. She has done this in other closed sessions almost always with […]

Sauce for the goose

The letter in today’s Trib deserves some reply. Reader’s view: Grover displays courage in face of Red plan foes Duluth School Board Chairman Tim Grover has demonstrated exemplary and courageous leadership in the implementation of the Long-Range Facilities Plan. Despite insults and harassment by an irrational few, he’s been able to keep perspective, focusing on […]

Am I getting a little testy?

One of my biggest boosters wants me to remove the previous post. I can think of a couple of objections to it but I presume its because I’ve been suggesting that getting our surety bond t has been a challenge. Surprise! Surprise! Why else would the Defense Attorney’s have demanded this. Its been a marvelous […]