A “perennial candidate” comments

Our perennial newspaper printed my column submitted a couple weeks ago with not too many alterations: Mostly they edited out Gary Westorff’s name repeatedly as the author of the offending letter. A staff representative for Education Minnesota pointed an accusing finger at an honorable Duluth School Board member, Gary Glass, in the March 25 News […]

You Have my Sympathy Ilhan (includes the seven paragraphs missing from today’s Reader)

You Have My Sympathy Ilhan Prologue: Ilhan Omar, Minnesota’s new Islamic Congresswoman, has offered her “unequivocal” apology for twitting the fiercely pro-Israel Political Action Committee AIPAC in a tweet. Some of her fellow Congressmen are not satisfied. Full abasement is called for and perhaps Congressional censure. Nevermind that traditional Republican condemnation of “Hollywood” for unraveling […]

Education – Issues before Congress

The Federal Government only funds about 7 percent of the cost of public schools. Most of this money is meant for school lunch programs and special education. The latter is a particular bugaboo for schools across the nation because originally the Congress had promised to fully funding it. But the full funding idea disappeared into […]

“I am on a data privacy kick”

My Buddy twitted (as opposed to tweeted) me with this response to my third paragraph in the last post: “9AM [meeting] was strictly personal with a financial advisor. Sorry, Data private.” “That an elected official, who purports to be “liberal” and “progressive”, would say that, puzzles me. Did he mean to implicitly flaunt his wealth, […]

Bob Mars Jr.

Bob Mars Jr. died yesterday. I served with Bob for six years on the Duluth School Board. I first met him forty years ago when it was suggested I introduce myself to him for my first legislative campaign in 1976. I left that meeting at his offices in W. P. & R.S. Mars Co with […]

I file tomorrow

This afternoon I finally broached the subject of my filing for the school board with Claudia. There is much I could write about this. She hates politicking. She’s not eager for me to yet again be a perennial candidate or I guess, not taken seriously. She ended by telling me something she’s said just before […]

A Meditation

I went to bed wide awake and that never works. As I lay too caffeinated to sleep it occurred to me what I had to do. I had to stop blogging for a bit to work exclusively on my book. I regard writing it as far more important than blogging or running for Congress. Readers […]

How long will the Duluth News Tribune ignore the Eighth District’s 4th DFL congressional candidate…

…just because he chooses to announce his candidacy in his blog rather than in a news release? I’m not very nice to the Duluth News Tribune’s editors or its owners and should not expect them to report on my candidacy with any eagerness. When they finally get around to reporting it look for their description […]

Its nice to know I’ve got readers

A friend sent me the following comment which followed today’s Editorial. 68 comments have been penned by a great many ghosts, folks using pen names to assure their anonymity. The last comment begs the Trib to expose me by drawing attention to my post on the subject: Chuck Frederick, Mr Bellamy, others at the DNT […]

WeltyforSenate wrap up

Just a daily wrap. I’ve been using some of my time lately to stretch my mind instead of campaign. Last night Claudia and I watched “The lives of Others.” It was a superlative German film about the Stasi in the former East Germany. It was however subtitled and very long. It was the serious side […]

Hats off to the Trib again

I finally got yesterday’s hard copy of the Duluth News Tribune. I’m pleased to report that they included my tough little comment about Forum Communications owning the Budgeteer and the Trib’s reliance on the AP to stay a step ahead of the former advertiser. It takes a pretty thick skin to print a criticism like […]