“First God created idiots. That was for practice….

…Then he created School Boards.” Mark Twain First – From the Timberjay: District risks much, saves little, by using Alango Road Marshall Helmberger The St. Louis County School Board is violating a commitment it made, and is risking a multi-million-dollar lawsuit and potentially disastrous media coverage, all to save a paltry $12,000 a year on […]


It only took four hours and some phone calls but my letter is on its way to the Sunday before the election Trib. Sadly I would have had to send it in yesterday to get in this Sunday’s Trib. I’m sure if the thirty day’s hadn’t interfered my letter would have counted as a free […]

I’ve never met a school board candidate who didn’t want to help educate children…

… So what? The last ten year’s worth of Duluth School Board members reduced the local taxes going into our classrooms from $14 million to $2.5 million. These Board members loved children. Their own children were in the Duluth Schools. Many of them matriculated from the Duluth Schools. They only wanted the best school buildings […]


I frequently joke that asking me what’s going on in the Duluth Schools is pointless because I’m only a school board member and the last person to know anything. Tonight’s big news is just more proof of this. Oh, I found out there was to be a closed meeting next Tuesday to discuss a possible […]

Face Cages for board members?

My Buddy took a break from needling me for what he seems to regard as my muddled thinking about the challenges facing African Americans to remark on the email exchange between Duluth School Board Chair Miernicki and Member Art Johnston: Should a Silence of the Lambs face cage such as was put on Anthony Hopkins, […]

What goes round comes round

The Red Plan defenders must stick up for themselves on occasion and today Judy Punyko Seliga wrote a sunny op ed piece about the long term good. She may be right. Yesterday’s editorial in which economist Drew Digby points out the younger average ages of Duluth residents might be, as Digby maintains, a sign of […]

Mark Twain Twits

Today’s Trib opinion piece notes that the District has managed to take statistics and bend them so as to justify what they wanted to do anyway. The book read by the writer in her college days has a title that was borrowed from Mark Twain’s famous quote: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned […]


Paul Goossens and I go way back to 1999 when we were both allies in the effort to keep the Edison school experiment alive in Duluth. He hasn’t changed much now that we are on opposite sides of the Red Plan. Because, I have become much more pointed in my criticism, and my criticism has […]

Sticks and Stones

Paul Goossens really let me have it tonight at the School Board meeting. He’s offended by my brand of irreverence. From now on I’ll stick to nice names and phrases. How does this sound? Our school board is just a bunch of bunnies! Oops, that’s no good. People might wonder what kind. How about a […]