Moral clarity in the age of “deplorables” running amok

I’ve woken up to a second day’s fallout concerning the latest scandal over Rick Nolan’s coddling of a long-time buddy and butt grabber. Nolan’s gaffe has left a field of victims like that duckboat sinking yesterday in Branson. Both pilots should have seen the storm coming but were too preoccupied to avoid disaster. I’m still […]

Digging up Roots and Rocks and Cat Care

I just roughed out my next blog post. That one will be significant enough that I’d like it to be a little more polished before I share it with my “eight loyal readers”. (I’m so fond of you eight that I’ve mentioned you over 100 times in my posts.) Being loyal readers you know where […]

My latest Not Eudora

…from today’s Duluth Reader The Wayning of America. It begins: A recent New York Times story explained how the Arizona Legislature came up with millions to begin teaching what some critics call “dead white man’s history” in the halls of the godless public universities. …and regarding my previous post – I’ve changed my mind. I […]


One of Duluth’s teachers who was brought up short by our Administration’s decision to pull Harper Lee and Twain out of the curriculum makes this argument quoted in today’s DNT editorial: “There is no substitute. There is no novel that accomplishes what ‘Mockingbird’ does, and why anyone would deny (it) to students in a time […]

Duluth Reader Redux

The heading I proposed as the title for my column today in the Duluth Reader was “Not Eudora Redux”. The editors chose another for me: “Poor thinking a tough nut to crack”. Its not what I would have chosen but oh, how true it is. I’ve been talking to Bob Boone off and on since […]

Handsome Harry falls out of favor

For much of my fight against the Red Plan I had an avid ally up North. I quoted a few of his emails to me over the years. He began them by saluting me as “Handsome Harry.” Since Donald Trump came on the scene my Finlander Pal has been outraged by my disdain for our […]

“Serve the People”

I’ve cranked up the heat in my cold attic office to do some writing. Its a bit of a luxury but my eight loyal readers are worth it. I began by tinkering with a proposed next column for the Duluth Reader. I didn’t send it in last week on the theory that I probably didn’t […]