Hooray! I’m in the parade

Hooray indeed. A week ago it hadn’t occurred to me that I could pull off a parade but now I’m in it. My father-in-law suggested some engineering changes but we’ll have a day to work on them. If I talk my daughter and son-in-law into joining us we will have one driver and eight of us passing out bookmarks.


My Manager says I have to post this picture

So I decided yesterday to try to enter the Duluth Spirit Valley Days parade. I’m trying to find some people at the last minute to hand out my bookmarks with the blog and campaign addresses printed on them. I’ve got some “Lincoln in Thought” shirts for them to wear (just for the parade. I’ll need them back). I quickly came up with the idea of decorating my white prius with cloth’s lines with Lincoln t-Shirts hung from them. Its hokey but I need to let the folks in West Duluth see me campaigning. Anyone who wants to help just give us a holler at: welty4congress@charter.net The parade starts lining up at 5PM tomorrow.

Here’s the picture I sent Chris.


Crunchy conservatives

Joe Souchery who called me once from his Radio Show after I performed voodoo wrote this about common sense. I think he’s completely in denial about the effect of global warming from our burning millions of tons of fossil fuels every day. Perhaps Joe has discovered that he can leave his dog in a sealed up car on a hot day because somehow the UV light flooding in the windows doesn’t turn into infrared radiation because he doesn’t use the cigarette lighter. But I digress. Anywho, Joe’s discovered that he’s considered a “crunchy conservative.”

Good for him. I turn off the lights too when there’s a heat wave. I also close the drapes during the day, open the windows at night, turn off my computer when I’m not using it and brew my coffee outside rather than trap more heat in the kitchen.

Of course, contrary to the headline in Joe’s piece not all “comman sense” is all that sensible. For instance, while it sound sensible to fight terrorists abroad rather than at home it doesn’t make sense if you don’t take the ancient Greek myth about the Hydra into account. You’ve probably heard of it - about the monster who grew two new heads every time one was cut off.

Now that we are seen as cheering on Israel’s bombardment of civilians in Lebanon we can expect new bin Ladins to emerge. Too bad our troops “over there” are beginning to lose their morale. Its hot in Iraq too. I hope the troops turn off their appliances whenever they go out to patrol Baghdad.


Kennedy bucks Bush in favor of more conservative Republicans

Several of the assertions in Mark Kennedy’s funny 30 second spot have been gnawing at me and I just realized what one of them was. His campaign ad makes much of his independence from the President in order to imply that he is a moderate. Yet one of the issues he touts as showing his disagreement with the President is not liberal at all. Whereas Bush supported No Child Left Behind Kennedy opposes it. His ad is meant to make voters think that this must mean he’s much less conservative than Bush. Not hardly. NCLB has had conservatives gritting their teeth since it was introduced. Its big government write large. Its “liberal” in its interference with local affairs and by throwing money and regulations at problems.  By not supporting the President Mark Kennedy is showing that when his President starts acting liberal he will oppose him.

Independence Party’s Platform

I’ll soon be applying for endorsement by Minnesota’s Independence Party. I printed out the application forms just before midnight will send them in. I also found the Party’s succinct platform. I support this platform unreservedly.

  PLATFORMWe, the Independence Party of Minnesota, stand for government and political leadership that serves the highest long-term interests of our state. We oppose politics based on self-interest, extremism, or special interests. We are advocates for public policy that prepares Minnesota for a better future and we support political leaders who embrace the values and goals described in this platform 

We believe defined values are essential to guiding political reform and assuring policies that benefit all. These are our core values:

  1) A democratic process with integrity and broad citizen participation 

2) A justice system that is fair, wise, unambiguous, swift, affordable, and accessible to all

3) A society that is inclusive, embraces diversity, and protects everyone’s rights

4) Government policies which encourage and expect personal responsibility

5) Government that is fiscally responsible: equitable in its collection of taxes, careful in its spending, and honest in its financial reporting

6) Government that is a good steward: protecting the environment, preserving our public institutions, prudently managing public assets, and leaving for our children a better world

7) Government that is controlled locally whenever possible

8) Rights of privacy and personal liberties under the US Constitution, the Minnesota Constitution, and the Bill of Rights of the United States shall be strongly defended

9) An educated citizenry with the knowledge and understanding to preserve our freedoms and maintain our prosperity

10) Political leadership that acts for the greater good and prepares us for the future

The thread is getting longer

The thread and my addition to it:

PostPosted: 06-08-02 04:55am e Post subject:

Harry again,Sorry about the confusion on whether the Unity Party is affiliated with Unity08. This is the internet where wires really do get crossed and where there is such a welter of related ideas that a google search on any one of them will turn up a hundred million hits. What’s more important is that a clear majority of America’s voters are centrists by nature and are being ignored. Without any single organization speaking for them its no wonder that a profusion of like minded netizens would be scrambling to find a centrist alternative. 

This is not madness. Its mad fun. Its rather like one of those experiments where DNA is pulled apart and then tries to put itself back together again.

I’m delighted to return to this thread and find a little hubbub. The election is still three months away. A lot of things will sort themselve out by then. After November the Presidential race is another two years away. My out of the woodwork campaign is an opportunity to experiment. If I win and other moderate centrists see that it can be done it might tempt other centrists to try the same thing in 2008. Or it could send a message to the major Parties not to forget the majority of Americans in their quest to win over unreasonable activists.

Mel to the Rescue

I’m getting some tech help. Mel, who has been advising me on my spelling, has just dropped by to help me figure out the technical problems that I face. I’m showing him how easy it is to use WordPress. Maybe he can figure out how to do stuff I’ve been afraid to try for fear of losing everything I’ve ever put on the blog.  As I told Mel. Volunteers are worth every penny you pay for them……..Poor Mel. 

Boon or Boondoggle?

This story from the Messabi Daily hails the billions of federal dollars about to be spent on new energy production on the Iron Range. I have serious doubts about the project.

I notice that its chief promoter is using the current heat wave to further justify his plan. Well, I’m glad when the heat wave prompts us to take things like global warming seriously but I’m not so pleased to hear it used to promote wasteful spending.

Cuba libre

Castro may be dead or dying and the Cubans of Miami have been out banging pots and pans to celebrate.

Castro represents a long standing bone headedness in America’s foreign policy. I wasn’t yet ten years old when Fidel marched into America’s worst fears. I’ve watched ten US Presidents try to make life hard for him. They’ve only succeeded in making life hard for Cubans while making Fidel more popular at home.

The latest of our Presidents St. George the Lesser is only the latest to fall into the trap of mining votes from Cuban ex pats by putting the screws to Fidel. Maybe one of our presidents will finally outlast Castro. If so, it would put a merciful end to our futile attempt to force feed goodness to the Cubans.  

Bush and company have only succeeded in making our best confection, “democracy,” taste like castor oil to the people he wants to rescue.

Poison Pills

Why are corporate execs paid so much more compared to “joe six packs” than they were a couple decades ago? This writer suggests it is a reaction to deregulation and an effort by corporate managers to make it difficult to be replaced in a takeover bid.

This was sent to me by Vic who regular readers will recognize as my long time email sparring partner. Its of interest to me because my wife is a corporate exec and because I’m a great believer in the progressive income tax.

I don’t know why the salaries have risen as they have but I believe that people who have benefited most from our nation’s bounty have a greater obligation to support the system that made their success possible. This explains my support for the progressive income tax vs. the Republican’s dearly beloved flat tax (which also apparently came down from Mt. Sinai).

Just where the top tax percentage should fall is always open for negotiation. In the FDR years they approached 90 percent and helped pave the way for the booming market in legalized tax dodges and loopholes. Today its closer to 30  percent and the system is still bedeviled with dodges and loopholes. Now the Republicans are poised to eliminate most of the Estate taxes for the very rich if the Democrats push for an increase in the minimum wage.

Don’t do it Dems. The poor already know you want to do it. Wait to see if you can get control of the House and if you do then revive the Estate tax and the raise the minimum wage!