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Remember the Alamo

I’m getting up at 4AM tomorrow to fly out to San Antonio. The cat will be left in the tender mercies of my son. Don’t feel sorry for the cat!

I’ve tidied up my preparations for the Endowment meeting. Emails have been sent to all the potential recruiters and I put a message on the answering machine letting potential registrants know that I’ll get back Monday to add their names to the list. I even concluded my message with “Adios.” I do that all the time. It has nothing to do with the marches on Immigration or becaue I’m going to the Alamo. I wonder if we’ll see any remnants of the Immigration brouhaha this weekend?

I’m also hauling Claudia up to the Hill Country to see that other war president’s home – the LBJ Ranch. Its nestled in Texas’s best wine region so I’ll do a little sampling while there. I’ll ship a case of the Hill Country’s finest back home. Imagine, Texas with its own wine and cheese set! That should bring tears to the eyes of all the people in the blue states.


Incredible! I just discovered that I don’t have to e-mail my posts. I can do it from our new laptop. I’m such an old fogy! All the under 20 WordPress users are just rolling their eyes. You’ll get yours you little techies! Your children will be able to do something even more remarkable in a couple decades. Maybe download babies instead of bothering with caesarians. 

and on a Musical note

My daughter Keely drove up yesterday. She had agreed to sing at our church this morning. Shortly after 9/11 I featured her high school choir on my main webpage for several months. Her choir had visited New York two years earlier. You can see why I put this particular photo on my main page. It also included an mpg of the choir singing Lost in the Night with Keely singing a solo.

She has a terrific soprano voice and as we were doing dishes yesterday evening we sang songs together that I used to sing to her and her brother when I put them to bed. Streets of Laredo, Big Rock Candy Mountain, and my favorite, Waltzing Matilda were just a few.

After we warbled she got very enthused about my taking voice lessons and While I, amused, sat back and watched she search the Internet for voice coaches for me. She’d like to sing a duet with me. That would be neat.

She sang for ten minutes before church started. The congregation was attentive and still. (We are Presbyterians) The choir seemed mesmerized. Everyone joked afterward that I must be bursting my buttons. I just replied that the next time Keely sang I’d be sure to bring a needle and thread.

Mark Twain on doing right

“Always do right. This will gratify most people and astonish the rest.”

I’m sorry to say that I had misremembered the above quote. I thought it began: “Always tell the truth.” Even so, I’d like to think that the “truth” and the “right” are synonyms.

Here’s a page of Twain quotes twelve of which are about the truth. Some of them (the sly and cynical ones) contradict the one above.”

Harry’s Diary

I still have 55 minutes to put an entry into the ole blog today. Daylight savings will trim an hour off of tonight’s sleep which means I’ll have to get out of bed early to read my Sunday School Lesson.

There were no earlier blog entries because I was out of town and I haven’t yet figured out how to blog by email. We left for the Twin Cities yestereday so that I could pick up several cases of wine from Haskell’s “Nickle Sale.” This is the result of the new hobby which I picked up after my children left the nest and I no longer had to set a good example.

I had just finished insulating the last wall of my “wine cellar” so that the summer temperatures wouldn’t jump up and down so wildly this year. That’s bad for wine. I had researched some recent wine competitions to see what wines had gotten good ratings and compared them with Haskell’s prices. When a gold rating coincided with a really inexpensive bottle of wine I put it on my list. My aim is to become become a cheap wine, wine snob. It was nice to come back home tonight and fill the holes that had accumulated over the winter in my wine racks.

We had dinner last night with my daughter and son-in-law at W. A. Frost. Located on Selby Street in the shadow of St. Paul’s Cathedral Frost is pricey but worth every penny.

Today before we stopped at Haskels we made a quick stop at the Walker Art Center. It occurred to me, as I looked at a series of very well crafted sculptures of humans emerging from the birth canals of various animals that museums are much better places to exhibit some contemporary art than a person’s home.

We also made a stop at Como’s Zoo’s conservatory and inhaled the heady bouquet of clorophyll. The flowers in the sunken garden were bright colorful and made one yearn for Spring.

That’s it. No politics today. We got home and I picked up a Reader to see my column in print. I couldn’t bring myself to read much of the April Fool’s content however because some writers don’t really understand the difference between parody and cruelty. Hey, I’ll happily eviscerate anyone who really deserves it but suggesting that a youthful looking politician is being recruited by a castrati choir . . . that’s just mean!