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Club for Growth clubs Reagan’s “Big Tent”

Ronald Reagan always proclaimed that the Republican Party was a “Big Tent” meaning that it could accomodate many different political points-of-view. I was never very reassured by this because I kept running into new Republicans who called me and my kind RINOs. (Republicans in Name Only)

We became RINO’s when these new Republicans took over the Party and redefined Rockefeller and Goldwater Republicans out of the Party. After a while some of these new Republicans weren’t content to call us RINO’s. We were much lower than that in my case I was a worse mass murderer than Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot.

The Club for Growth is more interested in economic growth than stem cells or abortion but like they want purity (as they define it) in the GOP and are busy stamping out heretics. They just spent hundreds of thousands to defeat Republican Rep. Joe Schwarz and now they want to defeat Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee from Rhode Island. They don’t care if a Democrat ends up winning such is their fanaticism.

Kennedy bucks Bush in favor of more conservative Republicans

Several of the assertions in Mark Kennedy’s funny 30 second spot have been gnawing at me and I just realized what one of them was. His campaign ad makes much of his independence from the President in order to imply that he is a moderate. Yet one of the issues he touts as showing his disagreement with the President is not liberal at all. Whereas Bush supported No Child Left Behind Kennedy opposes it. His ad is meant to make voters think that this must mean he’s much less conservative than Bush. Not hardly. NCLB has had conservatives gritting their teeth since it was introduced. Its big government write large. Its “liberal” in its interference with local affairs and by throwing money and regulations at problems.  By not supporting the President Mark Kennedy is showing that when his President starts acting liberal he will oppose him.

Cuba libre

Castro may be dead or dying and the Cubans of Miami have been out banging pots and pans to celebrate.

Castro represents a long standing bone headedness in America’s foreign policy. I wasn’t yet ten years old when Fidel marched into America’s worst fears. I’ve watched ten US Presidents try to make life hard for him. They’ve only succeeded in making life hard for Cubans while making Fidel more popular at home.

The latest of our Presidents St. George the Lesser is only the latest to fall into the trap of mining votes from Cuban ex pats by putting the screws to Fidel. Maybe one of our presidents will finally outlast Castro. If so, it would put a merciful end to our futile attempt to force feed goodness to the Cubans.  

Bush and company have only succeeded in making our best confection, “democracy,” taste like castor oil to the people he wants to rescue.

Bill’s Bills of Impeachment

Vic challenges my latest posting?

“I don’t remember that any of the articles of impeachment were for Clinton cheating on his wife. However, perhaps you know what Grams’ motivations were for voting for those articles.”
Vic’s right. The bills of impeachment were for perjury and obstruction of justice. I wrote so a few posts ago. The infidelity was, however, what the Republicans seized on in their attack on Bill Clinton’s “slickness.” Their most loyal constituency could hang on the legitimate if questionable perjury and obstruction of justice claims as a high crimes and misdemeanors after Ken Starr worked overtime to prove Clinton’s many sexual improprieties. Clinton lied no question, but the Republicans in Congress were absolutely politically tone deaf to the majority of Americans because they viewed Clinton as a political threat.
Why a political threat? Because Clinton shrewdly read the American public’s desire for centrist policies, many borrowed from the Republican party. Tom Delay and company calculated that to stamp out the Democrats they needed to rid the Democrats of a politically appealing centrist. Sure enough since Clinton’s departure the Democrats have shifted to the left and thus their chances of winning back Congress are badly compromised.
So, Clinton was impeached because his centrism threatened the future of the Republicans. The delicious irony was the discovery of a dozen Republican Congressman who voted for the impeachment who also had hidden sexual escapades of their own. No, they hadn’t lied about it under oath after a multimillion dollar investigation by a partisan federal prosecutor but pushed into a corner who knows whether they too might have emulated “slick” Willie?
Maybe Rod Grams isn’t a prig. Maybe. But tsk tsking the current Republican leadership in Congress for their “backbiting” strikes me as gross political hypocrisy.


After fundamentalists took over the Republican Party they began redefining old Republicans out of it by derisively calling them Rino’s: “Republicans in name only.” In other words, what had once been perfectly respectable Republicanism was treated as heretical including such time tested libertarian ideals as keeping the government out of its citizen’s personal lives and shunning deficit spending and a reluctance to go to war where we had no business being.

As a past Rino I take heart in seeing other Republicans turn their backs, on the party or better yet, turn their horns toward the party.

Focus on Focus on the Family

If you would like to join dishonest Christians writing fake letters to the editor you can do it at James Dobson’s Focus on the Family. Give them the information that they ask for and then they can use computer power to generate fake letters to the editor.

If you’d like to see how the letters are written but you don’t want to join Focus on the Family you can click this link which will let you in behind the scenes to the fake letter generator.

It takes one to see through the fakes

I just read the best indictment of right wing punditry. Not coincidentally it was written by a conservative. He doesn’t even give the blogosphere’s myopic, pro-Bush supporters credit for being “conservatives.” It was a genuine pleasure to read.

Here’s one sample with an inspired observation about the value of the blogosphere:

“The combination here of rage and fear is potent and toxic. One of the principal benefits of the blogosphere — with its daily posting and unedited expressions of thought — is that it reveals one’s genuine underlying views in a much more honest and unadorned fashion than other venues of expression. For that reason, the true sentiments of bloggers often stand revealed for all to see.”

Tom DeLay saves the Republic Party from Barbara Streisand

I was just listening to Tom DeLay on the News Hour on PBS. He explained that he had to take a bullet for the Republic Party to protect them from rascally liberals like Barbara Streisand and Michael Moore. 

Barbara Streisand?

Well, she is Jewish…….

You should have seen the round of applause DeLay got from his Republic friends. The Republics are deeply grateful that by giving up his Congressional seat the Republics may be able to avoid being further tainted by DeLay’s K Street Project or all of DeLay’s staffers who are copping pleas.

* “Republic” Party: I’m trying to honor the Republic Party through imitation. For years Republics have referred to their opposition as the “Democrat Party” so as to be gramatically correct. You see, Republics didn’t want to confuse voters by calling their opposition the “Democratic” Party.  They didn’t want to confuse voters by leaving the impression that Democrats were in any way “democratic!”  

The Republics on the other hand are the greatest defenders of the “Pledge of Allegience” against the depredations of that dangerously liberal 9th District Court. That’s because when Americans make the pledge its made to the Republic Party for which the flag stands.

Howdya like them big apples, Babs!

Bush Science Watch

From the DNT by way of the Orlando Sentinal

Another Bush hack attempts to squelch bad science news.

In Summary:

“When Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies, posted data on the NASA Web site indicating that 2005 could be the warmest year on record, agency officials ordered him to withdraw the information because it had not been screened in advance.

A political appointee in NASA’s public affairs office, George Deutsch, tried to limit reporters’ access to Hansen. Deutsch resigned after revelations that he had padded his resume.”

I wonder if he trained Arabian horses too?

Blogs and the MSM

Unlike a lot of bloggers I like newspapers. Without the MSM (mainstream media) a great many of the bloggers who fancy themselves pundits would have little to say. My friend Tom West had it about right in a column he wrote for his little publication the Budgeteer last week. He pointed out that most of what the blogging community writes about originally came from newspapers.

Having an opinion is easy. Having someone else’s opinion is even easier. Since the Republican paranoia about the press bubbled over in the 1980’s Republican’s believe that all reporters are liberal and report accordingly  That’s what group think will do once it has you in its grip.

Yes, reporters tend to be liberal. Surveys of reporters have borne this out. I think it comes from their college liberal arts degrees. The “liberal” in liberal arts means well-rounded more than it means politically liberal. In fact, that’s long been one of the aims of liberal arts colleges compared to community colleges or trade schools. Liberal arts graduates are expected to read widely, if shallowly, about a great many things.

I’ve always been struck by how many reporters, no matter how politically liberal, take their educations and turn it into healthy skepticism. Most have been quite open to conservative criticism of big government and our permissive society. I think its much more accurate to describe journalists as pragmatists rather than as polemicists let alone liberal polemicists. The blogging community on the other hand has a lot more polemicists. What is a polemicist? Think of them as being persuaders or, if you prefer, propogandists.

Because young people are abandoning newspapers in favor of second hand but free blogs I’m a little worried about our future. So, long as they don’t retreat into something like Fox News simply to have their prejudices reinforced America will likely survive this phenomenon and retain its open minded and vibrant culture.

Now that that’s off my chest, I can go back to my polemics.