Pavane for a Dead Princess

Its 1:41 by my computer’s clock. Pavane is playing on Pandora. It drowns out the loud rambunctious conversation in the next room in the bar of a Sharaton Hotel in St. Louis not far from the new apartment I helped fill up from a Uhaul a few hours ago. The lovely piece brings a smile. I’m in a contemplative mood and while I do not begrudge the party next to me their liquor fueled ebullience its a distraction. Ah, now Barber’s Adagio for Strings. I’m so fortunate.

I woke up a little after Midnight after three hours of sleep. I took a shower to wash the sweat and grime off from three and a half ours of unloading the Uhaul in the humid 85 degree temps. We were lucky it wasn’t 95. We were all red cheeked and damp by the time we carried the last and largest pieces of furniture up the steps to the second floor. It was a lucky break for us that I raced ahead with another three hours of travel ahead to get to the Apartment manager’s office to pick up the key so we wouldn’t be stuck outside all night. An error in navigation cost us an hour and a half unnecessary detour. I carried my son’s partner off with me in a wild race with fingers crossed that the highway patrol would not take note of our hasty flight down Highway 55. I don’t want to tell you how may niceties I skipped as we raced past the Arch and Molly was momentarily distracted from my determination to collect that key. The UHaul truck could not have made our speed without overheating and dying a miserable death to our rear.

A late steak dinner – ooh! Fuare’s Pelleas Et Melisande. I love Pandora. As i was saying a late steak dinner woke me up. I felt I had deserved it after a long couple days of packing and travel. The best part of the Sheraton’s meal was our bartender/server. She and I harassed each other good naturedly through the meal. She’s still here tending to the crowd that is mellowing with my music. Its time for them to go to their own rooms.

Its an odd set up here. A circular table of business office computers next to the bar.

I’m up because of a little indigestion. How did Scrooge put it. “A bit of undigested potato?” And I’m up because twenty minutes in the shower moments ago had me thinking about yin and yang or my two children for whom I have labored mightily and with great satisfaction over the past week when I also labored to put together yet one more political campaign. This blog is me. One moment crass political opportunism, the next a dutiful diary of whatever is going on in my life at the moment. I write it as i write much else. To keep my good humor.

Tonight this post serves as a prologue to the one following it and thus it will be read as an afterward unless I link to it at the beginning of the next post. That’s a tricky business with blogs as they are currently constituted. My last series of posts with died prematurely was a week and not terribly successful attempt to write a days worth of stories in order backward so that my blog readers would read them in the chronological order they took place. Ah well, on to yin and yang.