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Ad Space?

I just got an email from someone looking to advertise on Lincolndemocrat. I said I’d consider it. It’s probably worth ten dollars a month. Would that be too cheap for me to sell out my soul?

I’ve asked those inquiring who’s interested. I sure hope its not a bunch of porno sites.

If the ads were for someone I might end up running against for Congress I think it would be a hoot. I’d have to make sure there was no provision in an advertising contract preventing me from lampooning them.

Moldova in retreat followed by me

After six weeks of incredible interest from Moldova it appears they were only interested in using my blog as a platform to send out spam. The last four days of their stay they kicked me out. I had my web host freeze them out until I can get a little more security on this blog. I’m making inquiries to update the antique blog software I’ve used for the past six years. That may take some getting used to.

This all comes at a time when I’ve decided to ratchet back my blog posts for a couple months. Don’t worry. I plan to keep sticking my foot in my mouth. I’ve gotten used to the taste.

He’s back!

Yup, I’ve been frozen out of my own blog for a few days now. Hope no one is suffering from extreme withdrawal. I’m not. When I couldn’t log on it occurred to me that maybe it was a sign, from whom I don’t know, that I needed to spend my time on other projects. Today, for instance, I spent a couple hours cleaning elder berries I’d picked in my daughter’s yard. I thought they were some poisonous ornamental bush but a pal who picks fruit for wine told me I ought to get them before the birds.

So maybe I’ll only be back sporadically for a while. I’ll still kick around the Republican presidential canidates but probably not nearly as hard as they will be kicking each other. For example I don’t think Perry even needs to mine the Mormon angle with out-of-context punches like these:

My Blog intentions

Its been hard keeping new posts coming while I’m away from Duluth. I just spent an interesting week in Florida listening to a lot of Fox News and enjoyed the dismay of the bloviators as they scrambled to avoid eating crow over Osama killing Obama. Yeah, and they kept getting the names wrong too.

I’ve got another project, long deferred, that I’m ramping up to work on. It should cut into my own bloviation time much to the relief of my detractors. Much of my energy has been directed at helping the public look at the foibles of our current Superintendent of Schools and since he is deparating, albeit with Ann Wasson clinging to his ankles, a major reason for my ranting will be no more. The Red Plan is here to stay and Duluth will simply have to make the best of it. That includes me.

I have a great deal of sympathy for the new superintendent who will probably earn nearly twice what my last Superintendent was paid a short eight years ago. It will be both waaay too much and waaay too little.

I haven’t had the temerity to tell my better half that I’ve been thinking about running for the school board. Its likely to be as hopeless for the new Board members as it will be for their Superintendent and I say that as a sometimes hopeless optimist. In any event if I did file I’d probably refuse to campaign just to give the DNT another excuse to find fault with me. Like I said I’ve got a major project underway and a serious campaign might derail it.

If I should take the plunge I’ll probably start blogging more but there are few locals who will suffer from my most incindiary posts. I’ll reserve such posts for Fox News and the Red Plan School Board members who might find themselves reelected. Gosh, what an awful thought.

BTW – I may just be hinting at a run for office to give the old Board members sleepless nights. They don’t deserve any rest.

Landing safely

Having just completed a trip with ten flights there-and-back I took comfort when catching up on my yellowing DNT’s to read that Congressman Chip Cravaak wants the Federal Government to check out the sale of Cirrus Aviation to China for the sake of our nation’s military security. As an old air line pilot I’m sure Chip understands that if we let the Chinese have Cirrus there is great danger that the Chinese will equip all their military aircraft with parachutes thus giving their air force an unfair tactical advantage in any future aerial conflict between our two nations. Heck, they’re probably using all the money they loaned America during the GW Bush years to pay for the purchase.

I’m sure as I read through more of my stockpile of month old Tribs that I’ll find even more news nuggets to comment on. Oh, how I missed making wry and cynical comments on this blogsite while I was in New Zealand and Australia……..No, wait. I didn’t!

What’s with the last couple posts?

In finishing my preparation for The Amazin Colossal Red Plan (a book on the Red Plan) I spent the afternoon printing out all the Red Plan blog posts for the past year. I had already printed earlier Red Plan posts for the three preceding years and they fill an impressive row of 1 and a half inch three ring binders. I will need to buy two more binders to fit in the last year’s worth of posts.

If you look at the preceding couple of posts they say they were uploaded Nov 10th. Well, no they are much older posts. Somehow in fixing up old posts which I had failed to categorize as Red Plan related before publishing their date of original publication was altered. I’m not sure if they even exist in their original location in the archives of this blog. Fortunately there are only a couple such changes and I’m too busy to spend as much as a day putting them back in the original que.

This post I’m simply categorizing as “blog housekeeping.” I have had to explain other such quirks before and such posts deserve their own unique label.

Wait, Wait, Wait. Once again I’m wrong. The posts just referred to were four. They have just been deleted. They were not, as just described old posts that got yesterday’s publishing date applied to them. They were some of the incomplete posts that I never had the time to finish. I’ve got several dozen of them left going back a couple of years which only I can see and which have waited in vain for me to finish them off and post them. They are rather like notes which might have something useful for me the historian but which in an of themselves aren’t worthy to be posted. I just erased the four that got accidentally uploaded. I probably was trying to delete them yesterday when I inadvertantly posted them. They won’t be missed but for those of you (like the District’s attorneys) who may be monitoring this site for defamatory content I thought I should explain their mysterious appearance and subsequent deletion.

Something to look forward to

I was just thinking about that last post.

When I ran against Mike all those years ago I imagined writing a weekly column about my activities for the local paper to let people see politics from the inside. I had very little facility for writing back then and frankly, I don’t think I would have had the cajones to write the way I write today.

If I’m elected to the legislature my blog will continue on full steam ahead. If you think I’m a nuisance now – hold your breath!

There is nothing new under the sun

I just ran across this fascinating piece about what looks like the precusors of blogs. It begins:

Blogging brings out the hit-and-run element in communication. Bloggers tend to be punchy. They often hit below the belt; and when they land a blow, they dash off to another target. Pow! The idea is to provoke, to score points, to vent opinions, and frequently to gossip.

Anyone thinking about the function and future of blogs ought to give their history some attention. It points out that 18th century newspapers were little more than blogs themselves in that they consisted of paragraphs that were unrelated to each other, untitled, and without any indication of authorship. Each was a tidbit of information, often salacious or vindictive but always informative even if unfair or in error.

They were rampant in France before the Revolution and the observations about them reinforced the short article I read last night in my American Heritage Magazine about Ben Franklin’s successful efforts to prompt a French alliance that helped the colonies win the war of independence.

How a blog ought to operate

Its been a while since I checked out Buzz.duluth. Its always a good read. I read the big overtime story on Sunday that is referenced in its recent post. My better half shrugged and said that at Minnesota Power the emergency work leading to overtime was simply part of the cost of doing business or words to that effect.

I like Brandon Stahl’s openness. His long post after the story filled out what he wasn’t able to address in newsprint. Best yet the many comments (there were 74 at my reading) were full of good questions and information dispensed by literate and knowledgeable people. I didn’t have time to read them all but this is the kind of feedback loop that ought to be part of any blog attempting to get to the heart of any matter.

I regret that I haven’t had the time to to figure out how to do the same here.

My blog posts

Periodically I feel the need to reexplain my posting policy. I edit blogs upload them before they’re finished and then go back and keep at it till I’m satisfied usually withing a twenty-four hour period. I only infrequently make changes after that.

Some blog posters take pride in including obvious typos. I don’t and I’m a frequent typo artist myself. I worry more about getting my facts straight than my spelling however and sometimes I’m caught without a spell checker.

The post before this was interrupted by the Tan Man who rushed up to my room with his Grandmother and turned my light off while blinding me with a flashlight. He’d gotten the idea from his Corduroy book and after I joined him with my own flashlight in his bedroom he wanted a pillow fight which he’d also encountered in Corduroy.

I can’t do much about the Red Plan now and I’ve already sacrificed plenty of Tanner time.

I got back to the post after the ten o’clock news and added some links and I’ll take a look at it again tomorrow morning for some possible proof reading. If you read it in the late afternoon you may want to revisit it.

This is a vacation

To my eight regular readers. I’m on vacation without a working laptop. It makes keeping up with events in Duluth a bear. Nonetheless I’m aware that much is happening.

I’m not going to be able to keep up the thank you’s for a while. I might get an occasional one in before I return in a week but the teensy tiny one from the last attempt was disappointing. Know that donations and notes are still coming in and we still have at least two Duluth Zip Codes to mail or letters to.

I’ve got at least one more post in me before I leave this gosh awful expensive online connection. Its comming up.

Updated at last

My primary work has been on the book I’ve been researching so my posts have gotten very infrequent. I did however have a friend of my son drop over to update my blog. I’ve been afrraid to adopt the various upgrades over the last year because I was afraid I would lose my archives. Well its done now and I can see the user interface has changed. I don’t think any visitors to the blog would notice but it is a little simpler. If I ever get back to regular blogging it should be a little easier for me.