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Word search of the day

I’m encountering a challenge that serious word gamers could have anticipated. My word search function doesn’t discriminate between words I search for like “traction” and the words they can be embedded in like “distraction.” When I tried that last example I got dozens of old posts which I was sure was inflated. It was.

I don’t have time to reread all the old posts under such circumstances to see which ones contain the word I’m searching for. Maybe I could solve this by putting quote marks around the word. One more wrinkle for me to iron out.

Here’s a word that I don’t think will pose such a problem, eunuch.

Today’s word search

I’ve been so busy I forgot that I’d started this new supposedly daily blog kibble. I started them to give me a simple post to add each day in case my blog output slowed down because of my book.

I’ll try to be a little more constant:

Here’s today’s word search: prudence

I would have thought I’d have used this word a little more often than this.