I’ve got a Campaign Chairman

Chris Correia is my new campaign manager. I’ve known Chris and his family for a long time and when he sent me an email a few weeks ago I realized he’d be somebody who could vouch for me from personal experience. I asked him if he would consider taking on the unenviable task of managing an unruly candidate. He sent me a list of issues where he thought we disagreed so that I wouldn’t presume we walked in lock step. Yup, we disagree but this is not a problem.

Chris was playing bass during our outdoor church service at the Lester River Park today. The Presbyterian church is principally where I’ve known Chris. He worked for our city’s Central Hillside United Ministry for years which helps the poor, homeless and transient population in Duluth.

He also is a small businessman who runs a martial arts center in Cloquet, Minnesota. Over the past six months we’ve attended a men’s discussion group at our church biweekly except that I keep missing it to attend to miscellaneous projects. Chris is a thoughtful man and after reading my comments about Senator Grams being an “ambitious” and “self-righteous prig” he emailed back a little taken aback at my vehemence. I told him that the voters want civility but they don’t want milquetoasts to represent them.

Moderate Republicans – “a vanishing political phenomenon”

Vic responded to my last post on the impeachment and sent me a 2003 article from from the New Yorker on the late Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s jaded views on Clinton.

Whatever the Senator thought about Clinton’s perjury the story’s author made this observation about moderate Republicans which the DeLay faction has brought to near extinction:

“Moynihan’s closest friends in the Senate include aging symbols of moderate Republicanism, itself a vanishing political phenomenon. “You’d be amazed how easy it is to get along with Republicans of a certain kind,” Moynihan told me. Over the years, for example, he has worked closely with John Chafee, who now chairs the Environment and Public Works Committee. “Not long ago, in the committee, John announced that we’d just had a vote that came out purely on party lines, and he said, ‘That’s not how we work here.’ But I’m afraid that, more and more, it is.”

This new extremist party is the party that Rod Grams feels at home in.

Bill’s Bills of Impeachment

Vic challenges my latest posting?

“I don’t remember that any of the articles of impeachment were for Clinton cheating on his wife. However, perhaps you know what Grams’ motivations were for voting for those articles.”
Vic’s right. The bills of impeachment were for perjury and obstruction of justice. I wrote so a few posts ago. The infidelity was, however, what the Republicans seized on in their attack on Bill Clinton’s “slickness.” Their most loyal constituency could hang on the legitimate if questionable perjury and obstruction of justice claims as a high crimes and misdemeanors after Ken Starr worked overtime to prove Clinton’s many sexual improprieties. Clinton lied no question, but the Republicans in Congress were absolutely politically tone deaf to the majority of Americans because they viewed Clinton as a political threat.
Why a political threat? Because Clinton shrewdly read the American public’s desire for centrist policies, many borrowed from the Republican party. Tom Delay and company calculated that to stamp out the Democrats they needed to rid the Democrats of a politically appealing centrist. Sure enough since Clinton’s departure the Democrats have shifted to the left and thus their chances of winning back Congress are badly compromised.
So, Clinton was impeached because his centrism threatened the future of the Republicans. The delicious irony was the discovery of a dozen Republican Congressman who voted for the impeachment who also had hidden sexual escapades of their own. No, they hadn’t lied about it under oath after a multimillion dollar investigation by a partisan federal prosecutor but pushed into a corner who knows whether they too might have emulated “slick” Willie?
Maybe Rod Grams isn’t a prig. Maybe. But tsk tsking the current Republican leadership in Congress for their “backbiting” strikes me as gross political hypocrisy.

A little Grams hogwash

I was sent this nonsense article in which Rod Grams offers himself as an antidote to the partisan miasma in Congress. The biggest hoot is this:

“This ankle biting political pandering in Washington has to stop,” Grams said. “I’ve talked to a lot of people both before and since declaring my candidacy, and the public doesn’t appreciate it. That’s never been the way I conduct business, and it won’t be the way I conduct my campaign.”

This is the same doofus who voted to remove Bill Clinton for cheating on his wife with another woman. The only high crime and misdemeanor here was the reprise of the damnable trial of Andrew Johnson in 1864 which was another blackmark on our political history. Rod Grams is no Edmund Ross. He’s just an ambitious, self righteous prig pretending to a statesmanship his partisanship would crush at the first opportunity.


130 more signatures minus 12

I headed out early to collect more signatures before it heated up too much. By the time I opened my second bottle of cold water it was already hot and so was I. But I collected another 130 signatures. I tried to guarantee that no one would forget to put down the year of birth by filling in “19” in each column for the year of birth. When I got home I discovered that even so 12 people had not filled in the date. Vanity I suppose.

This may be enough to get me over the tough scrutiny of the Secretary of state but I intend to call about 60 of the 90 people who didn’t fill in the blank previously. Then, because I’m getting a little paranoid, I’ll solicit more new signatures Monday morning before driving to St. Paul. I’ve already decided to forgoe attending a little business retreat with my wife at a resort in Brainerd. A lot of the people I’ve talked to are counting on me to put up a serious fight and I can’t let them down.


I’ve been linked

I woke up just before first light in anticipation of beating the worst of the day’s heat. I’ll try to begin petititoning around 8AM. Checked my various website and blog statistics. There is a slow trending upwards for all of them which is heartening.

A new blog (not much of one yet) has linked to me and its commentators are reporting that I’m a far leftist. They are also pretty dismissive of my Duluth School Board credentials. I sent them a post. They’ll have to OK it first but I’m sure they will because they don’t seem to like “sissies” who are afraid of give and take and take that! and that! and that!………My reply to their post is not up yet but you can see the comments they made about me here.

Its so nice to be noticed.

What the State Statute requires of petition signers

I can find no requirement in state statute for signers to write the year of their birth on a candidate filing petitions:

204B.07 Nominating petitions.

   Subd. 4.    Oath and address of signer.  Following the information required by subdivisions 1 and 2 and before the space for signing, each separate page that is part of the petition shall include an oath in the following form:  

    “I solemnly swear (or affirm) that I know the contents and purpose of this petition, that I do not intend to vote at the primary election for the office for which this nominating petition is made, and that I signed this petition of my own free will.” 

    Notarization or certification of the signatures on a nominating petition is not required.  Immediately after the signature, the signer shall write on the petition the signer’s residence address including street and number, if any, and mailing address if different from residence address. 

Furthermore, when my petitions were given a quick perusal after I handed them over I was shown a list of things the Secretary of State demanded be on the petitions. I was not given this list a few weeks earlier when I was given the petition form by the office staff. In fact, when I was first given the petition form I was specificly warned to read the law before making up my petitions and not rely on the sample petition I was given. Well, the law’s language is clear. There is no mention of collecting a signer’s year of birth. If I have heat stroke this weekend I will blame the Secretary of State who seems to believe that it is her job to police the polls and candidates as though she were Dick Cheney. I’ll  bet she’d like a national identity card. Maybe she issued a signing statement when the petition law was passed saying what the law meant.

dung upon my face

I headed to St. Paul with 140 extra names to give me a safe cushion. Just before I slipped onto the highway I was stopped behind a car with two bumperstickers. The first quoted the last book of the Old Testament, Malachi 2:3 – “Behold I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your face.” The second said: “Atheists make lousy suicide bombers.” I laughed but that was before the dung.

At the Secretary of State’s office the same young fellow who gave the forms took a look through the filled out forms I handed him and warned me that the people who had just put two digits like, 59, in the column for their year of birth might not be counted. That’s because it wasn’t possible to tell whether they meant that they were 59 years old or born in 1959. I protested that either way they were obviously over the age of 18. I was told that if I turned them in today I couldn’t just come in a day or two later with the rest of the names I needed if it turned out I was a few short. I’d have to start all over with only a day or two left before the deadline. It was turn them in now and take a chance that they would all be disqualified or come in after the weekend with enough signataures to make the whole petition count. I spent a few minutes and counted roughly 90 such two-digit signatures in the year of birth column.

I made a point of telling the people who signed my petition that they had to be eighteen so it was frustrating to face the prospect of returning home and adding more names but I had no choice. I knew that there were about twenty names that wouldn’t count. That left my cushion at only about thirty signatures.

I called Claudia and told her I wouldn’t be able to join her in Grand Rapids on Monday because I’d be driving back to the Secretary of State’s office. Now I need to gather another hundred signatures to give myself a bigger margin. Its going to be baking hot tommorw. Dung upon my face indeed.

While Claudia and I watched the PBS Friday news shows we searched phone books for the phone numbers of the two digit people on my list. I’ll try to call them and get their year of birth to add to the petition. I found phone numbers for about 60 of the 90 two digit signers.

I have to remember to channel my irritation into working my tush off.



1140 signatures

Just popped back home to change into shorts. I’ve collected about 1,140 signatures which should be more than enough to make up for the ones that will be disqualified.

There was a phone message waiting for me. One of my readers wanted to sign the petition but he lived twenty miles north and I’ve got to hurry south so I assured him I had things covered.

Also talked with some videographers. I’m planning my new videos. Just have to raise a little money to start working on them. Its a sunny day and that’s a good omen.


I try to check out the Cassini mission to Saturn several times a week. NASA’s wonderful webpage keeps posting new daily images of the Saturnian system. This page about Mimas has a listing at the bottom of all 35 known Saturnian moons. Anyone wishing to escape our recent heatwave could take a few minutes to see what its like in a little colder part of the universe.

I recommend taking a look Enceledas and its gallery of NASA pictures. By all means click the pictures to see them enlarged

Environ Mental

Another milestone – sort of. I found my first email in the box for online contributions. Sorry to say the subject line said “website correction” and not “you got money!” A reader, Marsha, who described herself as an editor in her “secret life” pointed out that I had mispelled, environmental, in the categories list to the right “enviornmental.”

I wrote back that in my “real life” I’ve been the pronouncer at our regional spelling bee for the past decade. I added that it was a good thing I only pronounced the words.

I live and die by my spellchecker. Since I haven’t got one in this blog readers will see my editing weaknesses here at their most glaring.

Snake Oil

I’ve talked to too many people to remember all the neat little anecdotes I could report about my petitioning.

A couple people asked me to run for Mayor. I told them “no thanks.” I added that Duluth needed someone with the courage to make people mad at him. I’ve already done enough of that on Duluth’s School Board.

Don (formerly Donny) Ness, a Duluth City Councilor who works for Oberstar, gave me a big smile when he saw me downtown yesterday. “What are you doing to me?” he yelled with feigned anguish. Of course, Don doesn’t take my threat against the Congressman seriously. That’s one of the big advantages that I have. (The day that the Declaration of Independence was signed King George wrote in his diary: “Nothing of significance happened today.”) I handed Don a bookmark and told him I might be needing someone to manage my Congressional affairs after the election.

Today I spent a long while (that probably cost me 10 signatures) talking to someone who rushed over when he realized I was the spouse of a Minnesota Power Exec. This fellow has been writing perceptive letters-to-the-editor complaining about Minnesota Power’s unwillingness to fight the snake oil, coal gassification, electric power generator that Tom Michelletti has been selling. Tom has sold Senator Norm Coleman, Governor Tim Pawlenty and the entire Iron Range DFL delegation on this boondoggle. they have paved the way with assinine legislation that the tax payers will likely have to pick up when the project imploads. 

Colman engineered a whopping $800,000 million federal “loan” to build this supposedly, enviornmentally, sensitive electric generation plant.  Too bad the enviornmental community distrusts the technology.

Governor Pawlenty who is sharing Coleman’s invisible robe has been telling everyone what a great deal it is. Of course, these guys all thought George Bush’s Iraq war was a great idea too. I guess the Bush administration was so grateful for their support and so indifferent to our ten trillion dollars national deficit that throwing away another near billion on this snake oil was no big deal.

1040 Signatures

Its a red letter day. After enduring parking lot heat on a 86 degree day I’ve got 1065 signatures. Subtract at least 25 that I have doubts about and I still have 1040. I’ll add another 60 to this tomorrow morning to give me a cushion of 100 signatures. I think I turned in 1,097 in 1992. That was a really heroic one man effort. I did it in four and a half days. Its taken me eight days to match that this time. Gee, I had stamina to spare back then.

Its been delicious day in many ways. I came home to discover two signatures on a petition stuck in the door that had been printed off from my website. That’s just like the two folks yesterday who read about me being at Sidewalk days on the blog and who then came down to sign the petition. It shows me the Internet could have a power to connect me to voters which was imposible for me in 1992. Maybe I can raise money through the internet without bankrupting myself on bulk mailings.

I discovered my five “Lincoln in thought” t-shirts at home too. Now I won’t have to wash my single one every night. Abe Lincoln is a wonderful symbol. His picture puts people in a positive frame of mind even when they see me approaching them with clipboards. I’d estimate that half or better of the people I ask signed my petition. Many who weren’t eligible felt badly about it. Many cheered me on because I was going to be an independent. Of the 2,000 I talked to only a dozen or less said they were fans of Jim Oberstar. Fewer said they were Grams fans. Everyone seemed to like my talk about finding common ground. Hundreds knew who I was before I even introduced myself including the fellow at the Post Office when I went to pick up my t-shirt package even though I was wearing sun glasses. He didn’t even demand identification.

This is very cool.

Tonight I’ll fill out the State campaign forms and over the weekend I’ll finish up the federal forms as well. I may even have time to stop in and see my Mother tomorrow.

100 signatures to go

Its going to be hot today but I’ll still put on jeans to campaign. Somehow I can’t picture a potential congressman in shorts and I don’t think potential consituents can either.

I’ll head out in half an hour. I’m waiting to see my guests off for their short tour of Gooseberry Falls. James tells me his Massachusettes Mother read the book “Seventeenth Summer” fifty times as a girl. I’ve never heard of the book but it was a romance  that was set in Duluth. I hope his reports on his visit hear fulfill his Mother expectations.

I’m heading out to Sidewalk Days again. The shadows of our downtown will protect me till the sun crests them around noon. I expect a call from my brother then when he’s twenty minutes away from Duluth on his return. I’ll take a break and meet them at home and fix some sandwiches. This last minuted hubbub will cost me a few signatures but I head out again after lunch and gather some more. I’ll do it again tomorrow morning if necessary before taking them to St. Paul. I should be an official candidate by the weekend.


Tremble Mr. Oberstar Tremble Mr. Grams

A good day. Not just the sunny temperate weather but the campaign too. I got my fourth contribution which puts me over $150.00. I just need $200 more to pay for the bookmarks. I also was down at Sidewalk days for the morning collecting signatures. I got about 90 of them before heading home to meet my brother and neice when they arrive from the Twin Cities.

They’ll be half an hour late but we’ll rustle up some grub and eat before I send them off to swim at Park Point. I’ve got the beach blankets ready for them.

I’ll still have another three hours to gather signatures which should I match the mornings results will put me withing about 50 of reaching the 1,000 I need. Add in tomorrow’s signatures and I’ll just have to drive to St. Paul to file.

And getting signatures was so much fun. Two of my blog readers looked me up to sign my petitions about an hour apart. They saw I was going to be at the Sidewalk Day’s sale and sure enough they hurried over to sign my petition. Suddenly the souless statistics which show I’ve got about 500 readers a day have two new faces. That’s so cool.

Tremble Mr. Oberstar. Tremble Mr. Grams

I also got an email from the shop owner in Lincoln’s hometown of Springfield about the “Lincoln in thought” shirts. I called her back and we’re going to try to make an arrangement for anyone else who takes a fancy to them to order them through my campaign website. Some of the proceeds go to help out the Springfield’s historic downtown area. I think it would be wonderful if they took off like pet rocks and everybody sported honest Abe. Maybe we could send America on a quest back to one of our greatest champions of unity with malice toward none.

I can’t wait till I get my five new ones. I’m getting tired washing my one Lincoln shirt every night.

Dot Com

Its time I wrap more people into my campaign because while I can juggle three tennis balls, and even four for a short time, I start dropping things beyond that number.

One of my allies pointed out in consternation that my first fundraising letter sent to a paltry 112 people had welty4congress.com on the letterhead. Oops! Its supposed to be dot org. Of course I’ve got the right ending on my 40,000 bookmarks which also went out with the letter but I’ve got too much going on to be trusted to do everything.

Chris, my campaign manager, pointed out that I can purchase the dot com site which I will be doing momentarily and perhaps some others so that people, like me, who inadvertantly forget the web address are still pointed in the right direction. So, I’m off to do that and gather more sigatures. I just found another 10 I hadn’t counted before. Hooray!

Company’s coming so times a wasting.

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