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Where is the Minnesota GOP in the race for 2008

I’d heard that Newt Gingrich did well at last week’s Minnesota GOP convention. Apparently there were only 540 delegates who cast votes. His candidacy was promoted by millionaire and failed a2002 Gubenatorial nominee Brian Sullivan and David Strom, President of the Taxpayer’s League of Minnesota.

Their pitch, which was apparently effective, was that this was the way to stop the bad Republicans Rudy Guilianni and John McCain from winning the GOP nomination. That means that the Minnesota GOP is still firmly under the thumb of ultra conservatives.

It also reinforces my impression of David Strom as being Brian Sullivan’s lackey. I think Sullivan was a major investor in creating the Taxpayer’s League to be a Republican mouthpiece.

Keeping their distance from Bush. What will Grams do?

From the Wall Street Journal. Are GOP Congressman panicking? I wonder what Grams will do? Will he let Bush fundraise for him and if so will it be on the Iron Range or Minneapolis or DC?

If George W Bush is raising even more money for the party than in past years will the GOP money begin drying up? Will religious conservatives continue to tithe for the Party? Will Republicans put all their money into rescuing the Tom Delay Congress and overlook their Republican state legislators? 

Seachange on Environmental Politics coming

As someone who has never had any doubts about whether humans are impacting the global climate, only on the extent of the impact, I’ve watched the skeptics of global warming with interest for twenty or more years. Republicans (and they have been the greates skeptics) seem to be rediscovering their inner Teddy Roosevelt.

This story in today’s DNT shows that if anything Minnesota’s red state leaning, red blooded, hunters are leaping ahead of wimpy liberals in their concern for the Earth. There’s nothing like a lifetime of tramping around outdoors each fall to give a person a sense for the changes taking place on the ground.

I’m not the only Duluthian to marvel as seeing the cardinals of my southern Minnesota youth appearing in my neighborhood. How will the Kyoto Treaty, hating Republicans deal with this change in the political environment? As the great conservationist Roosevelt said as to his rough riders as they faced San Juan Hill… “Last man up is a rotten egg.” (He said something like that didn’t he?)