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Bill’s Bills of Impeachment

Vic challenges my latest posting?

“I don’t remember that any of the articles of impeachment were for Clinton cheating on his wife. However, perhaps you know what Grams’ motivations were for voting for those articles.”
Vic’s right. The bills of impeachment were for perjury and obstruction of justice. I wrote so a few posts ago. The infidelity was, however, what the Republicans seized on in their attack on Bill Clinton’s “slickness.” Their most loyal constituency could hang on the legitimate if questionable perjury and obstruction of justice claims as a high crimes and misdemeanors after Ken Starr worked overtime to prove Clinton’s many sexual improprieties. Clinton lied no question, but the Republicans in Congress were absolutely politically tone deaf to the majority of Americans because they viewed Clinton as a political threat.
Why a political threat? Because Clinton shrewdly read the American public’s desire for centrist policies, many borrowed from the Republican party. Tom Delay and company calculated that to stamp out the Democrats they needed to rid the Democrats of a politically appealing centrist. Sure enough since Clinton’s departure the Democrats have shifted to the left and thus their chances of winning back Congress are badly compromised.
So, Clinton was impeached because his centrism threatened the future of the Republicans. The delicious irony was the discovery of a dozen Republican Congressman who voted for the impeachment who also had hidden sexual escapades of their own. No, they hadn’t lied about it under oath after a multimillion dollar investigation by a partisan federal prosecutor but pushed into a corner who knows whether they too might have emulated “slick” Willie?
Maybe Rod Grams isn’t a prig. Maybe. But tsk tsking the current Republican leadership in Congress for their “backbiting” strikes me as gross political hypocrisy.

Republican and Democratic Civil Wars

Today’s Sunday Trib had side by side stories about the civil wars going on in both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Long past are the days of Ronald Reagan’s “Big Tent” Republican party where people with many points of view were welcome. Today the most conservative Republican Congressman announced a party meeting to promote a completely non moderate agenda for the fall elections which will undermine the 35 remaining moderate Republicans in Congress.

As for the Democrats they are torn over Howard Dean’s pursuit of the angriest Democrats and this threatens to undermine the Party’s slim chance of retaking one or the other branch of Congress.

Its all very distressing for anyone who believes that there are answers in moderation and compromise. 


After fundamentalists took over the Republican Party they began redefining old Republicans out of it by derisively calling them Rino’s: “Republicans in name only.” In other words, what had once been perfectly respectable Republicanism was treated as heretical including such time tested libertarian ideals as keeping the government out of its citizen’s personal lives and shunning deficit spending and a reluctance to go to war where we had no business being.

As a past Rino I take heart in seeing other Republicans turn their backs, on the party or better yet, turn their horns toward the party.

Where is the Minnesota GOP in the race for 2008

I’d heard that Newt Gingrich did well at last week’s Minnesota GOP convention. Apparently there were only 540 delegates who cast votes. His candidacy was promoted by millionaire and failed a2002 Gubenatorial nominee Brian Sullivan and David Strom, President of the Taxpayer’s League of Minnesota.

Their pitch, which was apparently effective, was that this was the way to stop the bad Republicans Rudy Guilianni and John McCain from winning the GOP nomination. That means that the Minnesota GOP is still firmly under the thumb of ultra conservatives.

It also reinforces my impression of David Strom as being Brian Sullivan’s lackey. I think Sullivan was a major investor in creating the Taxpayer’s League to be a Republican mouthpiece.