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Readers in the Trash

I went swimming this morning and noticed on entering the fitness center that the stack of Readers was gone a mere two days after having been put there. Then I noticed a half dozen Readers stuffed in the trash across the hallway.

As My pointed column about abortion led off the Reader my paranoia kicked in. I figured that I’d offended someone enough so that they decided to censor me. At least that’s what I wanted to imagine. I pulled them out of the trash and put them back on the reading rack.

I swam with more vigor than usual afterwards.

The Aborted Girl

My Reader column for this week begins:

“In 1990 I was ecstatic when the popular Republican, State Auditor, Arne Carlson replaced the opportunistic, “pro-life,” political hack who had defeated him in the gubernatorial primary with the help of naive religious conservatives. When John Grunseth was outed for having chased his daughter’s friend around the family pool in a drunken attempt to rip off her bikini top he became instant poison. The pro-life Republicans had no face-saving choice other than to relinquish their death grip on the nomination in favor of Carlson. It would not be the last time that a false friend of religious conservatives would betray them. . .”

Reading the Story of El Salvador’s draconian pro-life ideal spurred me to get this off my chest.

El Salvdakota

What Minnesota’s neighbor to the west, El Salvdakota, aspires to become in its new law to protect human life. 

a small sample”

“Today, Article 1 of El Salvador’s constitution declares that the prime directive of government is to protect life from the “very moment of conception.” The penal code detailing the Crimes Against the Life of Human Beings in the First Stages of Development provides stiff penalties: the abortion provider, whether a medical doctor or a back-alley practitioner, faces 6 to 12 years in prison. The woman herself can get 2 to 8 years. Anyone who helps her can get 2 to 5 years. Additionally, judges have ruled that if the fetus was viable, a charge of aggravated homicide can be brought, and the penalty for the woman can be 30 to 50 years in prison.”