My Old buddy shakes off my barbs

Some days are worth waking up to. Today was such a day. I learned that my old buddy’s still reads my blog his protestations to the contrary notwithstanding. All it took was a poke to nudge him into admitting a lurker status. Heck, I’ll even forgive him for using Fox News as his Internet Home […]

The tenth buddy

It was bagpipes and Scotland at our Presbyterian Church today. My Dad would have loved it. Our graying choir did OK and we had the job of making and serving cookies and treats after church in the basement after the service. I poured coffee, regular and decaf. But one ongoing drama had my attention though […]

Not my tribe

My Buddy regularly hurls the word “tribal” at me as though I am guilty of being like everybody else – loyal to the people like me. I’ve given this lot a of thought. First I’ll be evasive. Yes, I’m tribal and my tribe is humanity and humanity as it exists today before we tamper with […]

My Chum’s chum

It’s been a sobering week in the news. During our church service today our old pastor read St. Francis of Assisi’s famous prayer. Like many others I watched the Facebook video of the aftermath of four bullets pumped into a St. Paul man because of a frightened Minnesota policeman. I feel as helpless as the […]

My Mini Vacation

I’ve recently began a number posts with a long list of terms or phrases each of which represents something on my mind about which I feel like blogging. On the previous occasions this led me to actually cover the some of the subjects. Today I’m having a hard time conjuring up the dozens of posts […]