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My Buddy thinks I was unfair to the NRA

He doesn’t drop a kindergartner off at school every Wednesday morning.

From a story on the rampage:

The tiny victims were riddled by as many as 11 bullets.

Lanza forced his way inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire with a .223-caliber Bushmaster rifle, an assault weapon that can fire up to six bullets per second. The victims were shot “all over,” said Connecticut state Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carter II. “All over . . . this is probably the worst I’ve ever seen.”

Minnesota Voter ID pros

From the amendment’s sponsor Mary Kiffmeyer. She’s persuasive.

I resisted looking at this for a couple days thinking it would be a long written piece. Its from Powerline a blog I generally regard as a hackish GOP outlet.

I’ve snarked about the motives of the GOP around the nation on the various Voter ID laws that have been proposed. I know that diminishing democratic votes is one object of the legislation. I also know that Republicans since the days of the Kennedy Nixon election have been paranoid about registered voters in Chicago graveyards and poor Mexican Americans in Texas being paid five bucks to vote for LBJ and JFK. Nixon was gracious in defeat despite being cheated out of the Presidency in 1960. See “controversies.”

I think that Democrats ought to bite the bullet and support Voter ID laws that can assure voters a relatively hassle free method of registering to vote.

I ran as a Republican several times from the 1970s to the early 2000’s. I never smelled a whiff of serious fraud. Still, if we’re going to quell the paranoia about fraud its not asking too much to address the issues Mary Kiffmeyer lays out. I’m not sure whether I’ll still vote against the particular constitutional amendment that’s on the Minnesota ballot. I’ll have to research its wording and implication more.

Further I’m intrigued by a recent proposal I heard about proper ID. Why not demand that anyone buying a firearm carry and present a photo ID before purchase?

Even when I was 20 I was embarassed by 20-something certainty

Now that I’m 60 I still feel the same way. Of course 60-something certainty can be even worse. Witness the Tea Party!

My Buddy sent me a link to the youtube “confrontation” between a somewhat ill spoken fan of Huey Newton challenging a wannabee Andrew Breitbart who was passing out U.S. Constitutions up at UMD.

Both kids (I think that’s the operative description here) say things that are twisted out of context by the other. What do they think they are doing? Running for President.

The Newton lover gets the worst of it because he’s doing the most talking. Its a good reminder of the adage: It is better to remain silent and have people think you a fool than to open it and prove it.

Wish I could still be a RINO

But I’d have to fetishize guns.

Here’s Gabriella’s moderate mocking, GOP opponant’s campaign literature.

My Grandfather won the Medal of Honor then put his guns away in civilian life. He would have found the idea of any candidate running for political office as though he was from the “hood” perplexing. Actually, I suspect he would have thought that the RINO mocker should be locked in a mental ward. Such is the state of the GOP today that all its leaders are falling over themselves to criticize liberals for making hay about another mass murder committed with a gun purchased the day before.

Grandpa was also a Rock Ribbed Republican.