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Well Shut Mah Mouth

Karl is right. I have a healthy Ego. Its an American birthright. Karl is also right that without some humility such an Ego can be a terrible thing.

This blog is my id. I don’t hold much back. That’s especially true when I wake up in the morning with an itch in my brain so big that I don’t have the energy to proof read and edit the thousands of words that spill out from my brain as a result of the itch. Think of these pieces as a long internal conversation. I’ve gotten a lot of fair grief for the recent Civil War Trilogy. They, were such an extended typing session.

I can, with careful editing, be fairly economical with my words. The post Karl refers to in which I beat the hell out of Art Johnston is such a piece. That took me better than four hours from about 2 AM until about 6:15 in the morning.

It appeared to me that Art had bad mouthed me to the editor of the Zenith Weekly and since he took the gloves off I took mine off as well. If you can’t tell I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m not looking forward to serving with him on the School Board. It will be a test of his maturity to take my attack like a man instead of sulking about it. I expect him to sulk.

I did get a call on my answering machine subsequently from Art but before he read my post. He was looking for a peace deal without realizing it was too late. After he read the Zenith’s story he wanted me to know that he never took after me in the interview. That’s posible although with millions of words invested in this blog I don’t much like to have it dismissed as simply “bullshit.”

Its possible that the id from long distant posts criticizing Art, something I’ve only done rarely, had been read and remembered by Richard Thomas. He’s a long time reader of the blog. Its possible he took previous criticisms of Art from long ago and Art’s dismissal of my blog and my comment about Art’s irascibility, leaped to some conclusions and blew it up into a major war. If so, there is truth to it. Before Art won his seat in November 2008 I was so fed up with him that I sent him an email telling him I hoped he won just so he could endure the four years of frustration being on the School Board would give him. I got my wish.

I’m utterly baffled by Art’s determination to get our District’s Administrators to admit to stupidity and lying over the Red Plan as a quid pro quo to get his support to prevent our schools from sliding into damnation. I think that proposed trade off is the measure of a pretty small and selfish mind. Yes, they ought to own up to being fools and knaves. But most people don’t have the humility to own up to such crimes. So, Art will condemn our children to hellish schools until his unattainable demand for vindication is won. To Heck with Art.

Here’s my last Not Eudora column before the November election. It explains without so much Id and verbiage why I write. Well Shut Mah Mouth.

Not Eudora Again # 5

So far this year I’ve been pleasantly surprised how easy it has been for me to come up with Not Eudora columns. Perhaps its simply an explosion of ideas pent up for the six or so years since I last wrote for the Reader Weekly. Heck, by the time I’d hung up my byline I’d mostly descended into writing myopically about the Red Plan. I don’t mind writing about politics but for special writing like the Reader I’d like to play around a little.

I never reveal yet to be published material until the actual publishing date. I do fudge a little by making the first few lines available. I composed this in my head on Monday while I was painting. I never found the time to start writing it until this morning and in the intervening days I’d gotten concerned that the thread of my thought that had seemed indistructable five days earlier had grown feeble. I did write a 30 word outline on Monday so I wouldn’t forget the gist of what was in my head but over the week I never could conjur up those original thoughts.

I woke up last night and spent an hour and a half composing yet a new column for two weeks from now that peeled like a tangerine skin onto the page. Then having built up some rhythm and steam I turned to the problematic “The Devil’s Friend.” Like magic it reassembled itself. I even went back to bed confident that it could be polished off early the next morning. My confidence was rewarded. I sent it in to the Reader by 10:00 AM four hours before deadline.

Sadly, I did have to sacrifice a visit with my Mother today but I think I can manage that tomorrow depending on when my grandson’s big birthday party commences. If you want to take that peek The Devil’s Friend begins here. The two most startling events are based on reports I believe to be true or largely so.

Not Eudora and jumping ship

I just uploaded my fourth Not Eudora column to the Reader Weekly. So far its been easier for me to write them than I recall it being five years ago. Perhaps that’s because I’ve gotten so used to pounding the keys for my blog.

The Reader has made life a little tougher for me. I used to get the column in about three days before publication. Now its a full week. I’ve also had to be more succinct. That is a bigger challenge although I brought the next column in at just over 600 words. Years ago I pushed a thousand words regularly. I’m not sure that the “soul of wit” is yet mine.

All my new columns were begun a few days ahead of time and Friday was only needed for serious editing. When I come up blank some future Friday it will be a much bigger challenge to both compose and edit. I beat the deadline by about two hours so I have an afternoon to do some yard work and maybe even answer the questions the Trib’s education reporter sent me. I haven’t looked that them yet or even the deadline she gave me.

It was the reporter who warned me that I’d missed my meeting with the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board told me the Reporter thought she got along with me OK. Well, of course I do. I never blame the reporters for the blunders of the Editorial Board!

And that reminds me of one thing I found humorous when the Editors interviewed me. When I mentioned that Superintendent Dixon got the hell out of Duluth before “the shit hit the fan” they all, ALL, laughed. They are not twits.

But Chuck Frederick played devil’s advocate with me after my comment. He said some people had argued that if Dr. Dixon had only stayed in Duluth our District wouldn’t be in its present financial straights because Dixon would have straightened things out. That was so ridiculous that I’m surprised I didn’t laugh at it.

Not at all, I told Chuck. Dr. Dixon sewed the seeds of the disaster, himself, by rushing contract agreements that the District would not be able to sustain without major staff cuts. He did it to keep the staff quiet when the Red Plan was under the greatest assault and spun the settlement as proof of the good will between staff and administration. Besides, he kept adding more expensive baubles to the Red Plan like Judy Seliga-Punyko’s new one-million-a-lane swimming pools that would have to come out of future operation’s expenses. The pools sure looked like a reward to Judy for knocking me off in the 2007 election and giving Dixon a free hand with his adoring and compliant School Board.

Dixon knew when to jump ship alright. No captain he to go down with it. He was the first rat off.

The Democracy of Stupidity

I learned that my third Not Eudora(Again) column had appeared in the Reader Weekly when and old School Board member emailed me out of the blue. George told me he enjoyed it and mentioned that that he’d always gotten a kick out of them. He even missed my columns when I swore off them six or seven years ago. I considered that high praise for a no-nonsense guy like George. He even encouraged me to attend the next Free Thinkers meeting this Sunday to hear a talk about how thorium nuclear reactors can save the planet. I’d kind of like to but I’d miss singing in church.

There is no telling how long I’ll be permitted to keep submitting them since I am now a candidate for the School Board. I’ve already said I would keep away from topics concerning the race although, of course, my blog won’t. The tag at the end of the columns does however reference the blogs existence claiming that its author, moi, is a local crank. Hey. Its just truth in advertising.

My new campaign volunteer criticized this morning for a recent post of mine on the blog that he thought was a little tough on Christianity. I’m sure it was but Jesus himself was tough on his own religion. He set the example.

I told my new supporter who has already made 30 or 40 calls to people on my behalf that if I had to bite my tongue to get elected I had no desire to win a campaign for the School Board. Now that the latest column is in print I can safely link to it on the blog without hurting the Reader Weekly’s subscription base.

It’s here in full and begins thusly:

As I was mowing my lawn, which had grown shaggy during a vacation to the Black Hills, I heard the horn blasts that herald the Mexican anthem La Cucaracha ta da da daaaa daaaa – ta da da daaaa daaaa!

“How passe’,” I thought to myself as I prepared to see some retro Mexican’s low rider cruising by. Instead I found an ice cream truck pausing to sell a dreamsicle to a neighbor. “Cooool,” I thought to myself replacing one moment’s contempt for another person passe’ past with my nostalgic fondness for my own passe’.

About that Reader column

Its been three days since the last TMI post and I’ve been dreading that it was way too too much. Also I forgot what I’d written about. It wasn’t that bad.

The Reader Publisher got hold of me late in the day to say that I could submit the column to an alternative email address that was still working. I joked that with his recent declaration about having kicked my column off the Reader the last time I ran for public office he’d probably have to do it again. He said he probably would but that he was in no hurry. I told him I didn’t plan to write about the School District or Board politics until after the election but that I would understand if he froze me out. He said I was too valuable a property for him to kick me off indefinately but anyway he’d probably let me get another column in after this one before he got around to it.

As for my next column you can read the first couple sentences here. I won’t fully post it until it has appeared in the Reader’s print.

Getting the hang of Snowbizz again

In recent years I only rarely have gone back to my original website which I started back in 1999. I all but abandoned it after seven years in 2006 when I started this blog which I started to promote my quixotic race for Congress. I was already writing a column for the local Duluth tabloid the Duluth Reader and had just stepped of the Duluth School Board a few years before.

I’ve kept paying for the Snowbizz domain name as its an archive of many of my eccentric interests. It was built with Microsoft’s webpage software which has changed routinely. I didn’t often change with it. Even now I’m using a ten year old version of the software which I’ve hated from the beginning because it had changed from what I was familiar with. I’m still not used to it.

With my resumption of the Not Eudora column in the Reader it makes sense to me again to go back to puttering about with the webpage. I spent long hours a couple days in a row trying to remember how to add pages to Snowbizz and figure out the software I never got accustomed to.

Back in 1999 before the first blogs I wanted to be a blogger. I just didn’t have a term for it. I wrote entries about 20 times a month in a portion of the website called School Board Diary for a couple years to explain what I saw as a Duluth School Board member. They were meant to make the school board’s mysterious ways clear. It was, as is my blog, completely self serving. I share my opinions and viewpoint.

Somehow all those original diary entries have been lost at some point as I was wrestling with webpage maintenance. I think it happened when I finally knuckled under to the local newspaper’s insistence that I remove their stories about the Duluth School District. I ignored their request for several years until I was off the Board. I think in removing those stories I mistakenly removed the diary entries that I had linked to the stories.

It was a complicated excision because I had hundreds of pages to remove. I botched the operation but the Duluth News Trib’s attorneys no longer have just cause to sue me for copyright violations.

You can read my first return column for the Duluth Reader here. As I wrote earlier it has the six other paragraph breaks which I think are necessary to help the reader thread through my convoluted analysis.

Between the blog and any reader willing to spend years at it can roughly figure out my STATED motivations. Whether anyone sacrificing their life to figure me out believes any of my drivel is up to them.

Six Paragraphs

My return to the Reader Weekly, Duluth’s largest tabloid, was a little awkward. Although its publisher had kind words for me as he introduced five new columnists – “Harry is a terrific writer” – its hard not to wonder if that isn’t a promotion of the Reader rather than its returned writer.

My column was submitted and as far as I could tell languished unacknowledged for two weeks before publication. I got home late this afternoon and found that it was indeed in this week’s Reader if not in the Reader’s new website. A picture I’d submitted was not included. My dozen paragraphs were pared down to half that. To the extent that the breaks helped refocus my narative the elimination of them seemed to make it a little breathless. I suspect I’m in part to blame for the mis-communication about what I wanted published. I was on vacation and gloriously distracted until the last two days when I called and found out that another column was wanted forthwith. Yesterday I spent four hours in the car heading home and racing through North Dakota’s stretch of I-94 busily editing a rough draft down from 1100 words to 650 or so. when it shows up a week from now it will be titled “…illions.”

I’m exhausted from a long day and have valiently but incompetantly attempted to stick it into my old website. I’m too tired to correct the mistakes tonight. I need sleep. but for those of you who can’t wait here it is as I would have preferred it to have appeared in print. Tomorrow and henceforth I’ll put it in the proper place and this link will take you to the parent webpage.