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I got Waxed – Citizens United

Its hard to believe that its only been a couple days since I got waxed last Saturday. I’ve been in non stop school board related meetings since Monday and when I wasn’t doing that I was doing yard work and gardening in the sunshine. I generally woke up in the middle of each succeeding night thinking about all that was going on and that I was not blogging about. Maybe it was the glasses of wine I had while unwinding. Last night it was the latest episode of Genious where the self absorbed Einstein finally did something courageous and refused to sign on with other scientists to the support of the German war effort in World War I. His old friend perfected Chlorine gas that was unleashed at the Second Battle of the Ypres. And I have such mundane things to report of myself.

Anywho. About that convention and the DNT’s disapproval of political parties endorsing candidates in non partisan races…

I didn’t take it that the DFL (the Democrats) weren’t for me when I got my 34 votes compared to the 234 that a no show unknown candidate got. That was tribal and that was local. For starters I had three ex school board members who don’t much care for me sitting at different tables. One had grievances against me stemming from about 1990. Another I helped replace with Mary Cameron who she in turn got dumped two years earlier in the 1999 ans 2001 elections. And finally, there was Judy Seliga-Punyko whose effort to get an extra year on the School board without facing an election I helped thwart (among a great many other longstanding strains).

Mike Jaros, who was unable to attend the convention, called me afterward and reassured me that the DFL voters who were sitting at the Duluth Air Show instead of the convention would still vote for me. I hope he’s right. I also hope the Republicans in Duluth vote for me despite my rude treatment of the current President. I think they recognize that I still have some fiscal prudence.

Why is the endorsement small potatoes? Because it pales in comparison to Citizens United the Supreme Court Decision that helped open the floodgates to anonymous contributions from the super rich who want to hide their ties to the politicians whose palms they grease to stay the super rich. That decision came in no small part thanks to the Koch Brothers that I’ve been reading about in Dark Money. And thanks to the Republicans thwarting Barack Obama’s supreme court pick a full year before the election Donald Trump got to nominate a close ally of one of the Koch’s fellow billionaires Joseph Coors of the Colorado Brewing family. I think I read somewhere that they have summer homes in the Rockies a half mile from each other. Oops, wrong billionaire. Gorsuch has a vacation home next to Phillip Anschutz.

I’ve watched for forty years as the Republicans have out maneuvered the Democrats in campaign finance and in curtailing the once mighty union money machine. Wisconsin Governor’s Scott Walker’s actions were just the latest episode in the retreat of union power. Throw in voter suppression in locales where the poor and minorities live and Court approved gerrymandering, Tom Delay, irrational government and you get Donald Trump in the White House.

So, however ill disposed the local DFL club is to a burr like me under its saddle, I got elected to the Board three times while they supported other candidates. Their endorsement also serves as a red flag for those disinclined toward their politics. At least, unlike the Supreme Court approved Dark Money, they are out in the open about their candidates. However, it is too bad they don’t allow secret ballots and force delegates to sign them. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I know three exschool board members who would have cold shouldered anybody identified as voting for me.

I got waxed continued – the DNT > DFL editorial slam

After Claudia got home from a wedding shower and I joked how I’d been waxed she asked if I’d read the DNT editorial lambasting the DFL for endorsing candidates for “non partisan” offices. I hadn’t. Just read it. I disagree although I am sympathetic with the editorial and that’s not because I only got about 10 percent of the delegates vote. But – I have to get ready for church. I have a long summer to upend the DFL endorsees running for the School Board. Its not because they are bad people. Its because they now represent a kind of insular “group think” that is out of step with the people I talk to throughout Duluth on the issue of public education.

Mercifully, now that I am not endorsed I no longer have to abide by my promise not to speak ill of the short comings of the DFL endorsees. Maybe that’s the “ugly” campaign the Superintendent warned one of the non endorsed candidates about.

I got waxed – I like my chances

Of four candidates for the two at-large positions I came in fourth. I got 34 votes the two winners got 234 and 244 votes. There were about 300 delegates with votes.

And yet after my many political scrapes today’s convention was painless for me. It was like staying awake for an open heart surgery with a mirror on the ceiling but with powerful anti-pain medications to completely neutralize the pain. I was able to study the process academically.

There were several factors going against me which other people had sensed a week out.

1st: the forces arrayed against the outsiders on the Board were significant: I haven’t been to the DFL conventions since a little after Obama’s first win but I saw a couple dozen folks with whom I tangled in the past – past board members, union leaders, Democrats. Spread through-out the 40 Precincts or townships they would have had significant influence with the people in their precincts. If the 24 anti-Harry people I counted influenced half a dozen people each I was in rough waters. Furthermore, Rosie Loeffler-Kemp and Annie Harala recruited all the candidates that won. The DFL screening committee recommended everyone of them to the Convention beforehand. Even the candidate who didn’t show up to speak to the convention (usually a big No No) barely lost out of first place voting. I’ve never heard of her and I doubt many of the people voting for her had either.

2nd: It was a pretty gray-haired group. The Bernie Sanders supporters who were out-maneuvered in Hillary-centric Districts last year never got to be delegates plus; because so many of those who did become delegates were college students they had almost no interest in municipal elections if they were even still in town.

3rd: It was a spectacularly well attended off-year endorsement convention. Those 300 delegates brought all the loyal DFLers from years past out. In 1999 I went with Mary Cameron to another off year endorsement convention and only about 30 attended. It was been the Trump victory that energized the Martin Luther King, women and science marches. The old timers made for very Harry skeptical crowd.

4th: In my letter mailed to all delegates didn’t shy away from hinting around about some controversial stands I’ve taken like the refusal to let voters have a say on the Red Plan. By being critical of a project dear to many in the convention I was inviting antagonism. The Red Plan is supposed to be over by now……even if it still pulls $3.4 million a year out of the classroom for bond repayments and makes voters reluctant to pass vital operations levies. People don’t like having their scabs picked off.

5th: It was announced before voting that the Duluth DFL did not permit secret ballots. Delegates would have their votes thrown out if they did not write their names down on the back of the ballots they cast. That’s a heckuva way to enforce group think.

6th: My one secret weapon was utterly traduced – my thoughts and my voice. As Loren Martel, who stood in the back of the hall as I spoke told me – the sound system wasn’t kind to me. Fully half the people sitting in the back couldn’t hear me and many sitting in the front half of the acoustically challenged hall could only hear half of what I said. I had been made aware that I would be hard for people to hear me but this was especially true of men with resonant deep voices like mine. It caused so much feedback that it forced me to back off so that for most of the audience I was silent. Even so, because there were amplifiers nearby, I thought I was blasting out the audience. My only hope of getting people to vote for me was to wow them. I did waw them – in the manner of the teacher in a Charlie Brown specials….”waw Waw, waw Waw, waw Waw, waw Waw.” The only votes I got were from people who liked what I stood for in advance or who felt sorry for me.

This last was the great disappointment of the day. I’m so chagrined by it that I will probably film myself giving it and posting it to you-tube. As it is, I will post the verbiage below for my eight loyal readers to peruse. It took four and a half minutes to deliver but I kept having my microphone messed with by officials to improve the sound quality and the time they futzed around was deducted from my five minutes.

I joked with the new DFT President, Bernie Burnham, afterwords and told her I suddenly had some sympathy with Donald Trump and his alleged microphone tampering during one of his debates with Hillary. Here’s the speech sans my sonorous voice:

I’m Harry Welty. Continue reading

Welcome DFL delegate to today’s endorsing Convention

It will be a long and fascinating day. I’ll keep lots of mental notes. I would also like to provide you with some time fillers during slow periods during the convention that are – blush – (dare I admit it?) a little self serving.

Yes, I live at that house and have for thirty-plus years of snow sculpting.

There are dozens of other examples here.

To the horror of local Republicans I sculpted Bill Clinton in 1992. Check out the Clinton Video and Barack Obama.

This is George Seanor Robb (Grandfather of Harry Robb Welty) shaking hands with JFK at a gathering to celebrate servicemen awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. There is a much more about my Grandfather here and on my blog.

I won’t post the startling photograph of the reenactment of Mankato’s infamous hanging that circulated after news of a Minneapolis Sculpture Garden tribute went awry and made the headlines. I wrote about this dreadful history in the Duluth Reader 15 years ago. My hero Lincoln reduced the number to be hanged from over 300 to the still alarming 38. There was another war going on at the time which took his attention away from a fuller clemency that I’d like to have think he would have preferred.

I wrote over 100 columns for the Reader and have them on my old Website.

You may wish to compare the speech Harry will give today with this one. Harry delivered it on Veterans Day in Topeka, Kansas a few days after Donald Trump was elected. If you start it at 11:30 minutes in it begins with a description of the unusual outfit that My Grandfather served with in World War I. My tribute starts after that.

Finally, I approve of Bernie Sanders campaigning for a pro-life Mayoral candidate of Omaha, Nebraska. If the Republicans have repudiated Ronald Reagan’s “Big Tent” the Democrats better follow Bernie’s example. By the way – I’m pro choice and have made that clear on a number of occasions, for instance here and here (when I first broke with the GOP)

With each passing year it becomes more evident that the Republican Party cares deeply about fetuses up until the moment of their birth. Then Its OK if the world they enter turns Dickensian. It will give them character and if we don’t like it we can just throw them in prison.

Dear DFL Delegate

I’ve missed two great days to garden working on my election and School Board business. There have been lots of email and letters-to-the-editor to consider. Oh, there have been the regular reminders of the new Trump Dystopia we have brought down on ourselves. – Ivanka’s Chinese shoe manufacture having investigators imprisoned for recording the maltreatment of workers who were helping Ivanka’s bottom line. – President Trump catering to the Koch Brother’s desire to pollute without restriction by canceling an international climate control agreement. He says he did it for Pittsburgh not Paris. Pittsburgh’s City Council has rejected the help.

More importantly I sat in on a second round of teacher contract negotiations…………..Argggggerrrrregggggg*******!

Pardon my strangled words. At a closed meeting Tuesday I was sternly instructed by Rosie Loeffler-Kemp not to mention that they were happening on the blog. She has a firm grip on my throat. I was glad that Chair David Kirby joined me at the negotiations. Nothing explosive seemed to have happened as a result of our presence.

I’ve got another busy day planned that will put the gardening off – Drat! And tomorrow I will attend the Duluth DFL endorsing convention seeking Democratic support for my reelection campaign.

This is the letter I sent to about 800 eligible delegates two days ago. I’m guessing only one in ten will actually show up although Trump is probably keeping most of them every bit as on edge as he’s keeping me. Maybe a lot more will show up to convince themselves that can really turn the world back right-side-up:

Dear DFL delegate, Continue reading

And while I’m speaking truth to power…

…These are the 14 Questions from the DFL screening committee and my answers to them:

2017 Screening Committee Questions, City of Duluth DFL

In this questionnaire, we are asking the same questions of all candidates for a given office. When we
conduct the follow-up, in-person screening, questions can, of course, depend on a candidate’s initial
answers on this questionnaire.

SCHOOL BOARD (indicate office you are seeking): At-Large____X____ 2 nd _______ 3 rd________

1.Why are you seeking the DFL endorsement?

I wish to serve my fourth term on the Duluth School Board as a Democrat.

2. Have you been endorsed, or screened for endorsement for any other political parties, groups, or
organizations? If so, who?

I was endorsed by Republicans for the legislature in 1976, 1978 and ran against the endorsed Republican for the legislature in 2002. I parted company with the GOP when I began my blog in 2006.

3. Will you commit to using union materials and services for your campaign when possible? (Will
you support union represented members of staff in the Duluth public schools and work with
them to enhance our public education?)

I like union bugs. And yes, I will continue to work cooperatively with school district staff as I always have for the betterment of our schools.

4. What do you consider the top three priorities for the Duluth Schools right now? Please place in
order of priority and state your plan to work on them. Continue reading

I just can’t help myself

This was intended as a “confidential” email but I am quite content to let the general public see it:

To me from Chuck Frederick, Editorial Page Editor of the Duluth News Tribune:

Hey Harry. I was told you posted on your blog that you were against political parties endorsing in nonpartisan races like those for School Board. Yet you were begrudgingly planning to seek the DFL endorsement this Saturday. First, why do you feel that parties should stay out of nonpartisan races? And if you feel they should why are you pursuing the party nod this Saturday? I’d appreciate your comments. Please feel free to reply. I’d appreciate it. And don’t worry, not planning on being critical of you in an editorial if we choose to do one.


And my reply:

To: Chuck Frederick
Subject: RE: party endorsement comment

Hi Chuck,

At the DFL screening I told them I wasn’t a fan of partisan endorsements for a non-partisan race. That’s true enough.

But I can’t deny the practical side. This is a traditional tool of Democrats to recruit candidates who can then have a jumping off pad for higher office. The Republicans who sniff at this in Duluth can be sure that Republicans do the same thing in Republican areas. Look at the damned races for judges.

I said I begrudgingly did something but that was at our special school board meeting. That was about spending money on fixing up Rockridge or spending general fund money on bonds. About the DFL I am being pragmatic.

I have a couple overlapping motives. The first I tell you in confidence. I don’t want a couple of my DFL board adversaries to get the 60 percent votes for endorsement that will assure them tons of Party help in the late fall. 2nd, I would like an easy election for a change. I have never had any good endorsements other than the Trib’s in 1999 and 2013.

Finally, I have had it up to here with no nothings. I have never reviled democrats. I like the idea of wrapping a perfectly respectable party around myself at this time of foolish, ignorant, hyper-partisanship. I detest Trump and blame the GOP for his destructive success. I want the Democrats to bring the blue collar voters back for a healthier nation.

And there is something else I would rather do this summer than knock on doors. I want to begin writing a book about my Grandfather. He was a rock-ribbed, Kansas Republican who wasn’t paranoid about Democrats. An easy campaign will give me freedom to pursue this.


For the record I don’t think publishing this before Saturday will make it any easier for me to win the nomination but I don’t care. If I have to campaign like hell I’ll do it. We have some extremely myopic school board members and we need some fresh blood. I don’t think mine is past the sell by date.

Between a Rockridge and a hard place

That was my groaner at last night’s special meeting of the Duluth School Board. It was so inspired I used it twice and so bad that the second time I said it Nora Sandstad thought I owed the Board an apology.

We had three “facilities” issues on our plate last night A. approval of changes in our ten year building maintenance plan made necessary by putting two new projects on it (the Rockridge makeover and playground mulching) B. OK’ing a contract for the Stowe Playground renovation C. Approving a five year bond to pay for these projects. Somewhere in all of this was a new roof for Lakewood Elementary. Jana Hollingsworth explains it all in the DNT today.

I went along with the Board majority on all of this pleasantly but grudgingly. The Board majority painted us into a corner by its refusal to consider selling our buildings to “competitors.” When other deals fell through we had no back-ups to sell the costly white elephants to. This undermined a primary element of the original Red Plan financing scheme that promised we could help finance the mega-plan by selling off our unneeded facilities for $29 million. That would have helped us retire some of the bonds which we are now being forced to repay annually from our General Fund to the tune of $3.4 million (34 teachers worth).

I couldn’t blame Art and Alanna for symbolic votes against some of our decisions but having been painted into a corner I saw little else we could do but walk away across the freshly painted surface. I have spent the last year objecting to being put in that corner but once there I was stuck an no symbolic vote was going to undo the damage.

The chief drivers of our decision making have softened up a bit. After the last election it was the Superintendent and Chair Harala and Clerk Rosie Loeffler-Kemp who were in the driver’s seat. Fighting our “competitors” off tooth and nail was the order of the day and in the first year they were allied with this year’s Chairman Dr. David Kirby and Nora Sandstad. There is obviously some history between some of these folks. During the 2013 election Annie posted wedding photo’s on Facebook which showed Rosie, Nora and another candidate for the Board that year, Renee Van Nett, together with the wedding party. Renee is now a leader in the DFL so I’ll probably see her at Saturday’s endorsing convention. She will also be a candidate for the City Council this year.

David has proven to be the best and fairest Chairman of the School Board of the four I’ve served with in this term and Nora has grown comfortable charting her own course. But Annie and Rosie have Continue reading

Art Johnston digs into East Central Denfeld enrollment numbers

They are alarming:

1. When Denfeld students went to Central HS in 2010, the combined student enrollment dropped 355 students from the previous year. And East gained 172 students.

2. When Central and Denfeld students went back to Denfeld (after Central closed) in 2011, the combined student enrollment dropped another 216. And East gained another 100.

3. In the seven years from 2009 to 2016, Denfeld/Central has dropped 867 students or a 46% drop. And East has increased 177 students or a 14% gain.

4. It is clear from this data that the boundaries between Denfeld and East have not been enforced, and that many students from Denfeld or Central enrolled in East.

5. This data is similar in trend to Denfeld vs. East graduation numbers.

“I know nothing.”

A fellow board member just sent me a news flash about a meeting at East High School this afternoon to talk about traffic and parking with area residents. No one told me about it and I have a meeting scheduled downtown to talk about school facilities at the same time. I am running for reelection and I hate the thought that a lot of East neighbors will note my absence when their ongoing East traffic concerns are being discussed by the City at our school.

When folks ask me about various things going on in our schools my go-to response is: “I’m only a school board member. I don’t know anything.” Sgt. Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes had a more economical way to express this.

Memorial Day Vets, and Sports

I put up my flag through the Memorial Day weekend and read several stories about the sacrifices of veterans and folks on the home front and was content with that. My Dad, a navy veteran of World War only II, only took me to one Memorial Day march when I was about seven that I can remember. But about an hour before Duluth’s march in Western Duluth I got an urgent reminder that one of the march’s organizers had told some school board members that he expected to see them honoring Duluth’s vets at the next march. The midtrovert in me struggled with this. So did the part of me that finds politicians sharing the limelight with the real honorees self serving. I never served in the military. Not quite sure what I would do went to a parade that organizers had feared would have too few “units” to justify. That turned out not to be a problem.

Still, I couldn’t bring myself to walk the line and hand out school district business cards. I watched the parade like everybody else along Grand and Central Avenues and took a couple pictures.

A couple items today related to Memorial Day caught my attention. First was the story of Denver Sports Columnist and historian Terry Frei who was fired for tweeting about being upset when a Japanese sports car driver won the Indianapolis 500 on the day we honor American veterans. He didn’t like the symbolism. You see, Mr. Frei wrote a book about the 1942 Wisconsin Badgers Football Team whose players went off to War II.

Mr. Frei has apologized for his tweet. (I know someone else who could benefit from his example.) But apologies are hard. I also read of how Koreans are dissatisfied about how Japan has dealt with the legacy of the war. It has been over three generations since that war ended and Japanese apologies have been grudging at best although today’s Japanese are remote from those days.

In their own way the Japanese have been marked by the war’s aftermath. Their birth rate is so low they are becoming a decrepit elderly population which was a result of a ferocious devotion to work that has starved family life which stems from the post-war drive to rebuild a shattered nation.

This was not the only sports related news story that caught my attention. NPR’s Sport’s commentator Frank Deford died just a week or two after retiring. I loved his commentaries even though I pay little attention to sports. DeFord was lauded in this remembrance and I particularly liked a portion of a speech he once gave talking about his most difficult challenge – facing people he had written unflattering things about. He described the time he was asked to leave a basketball court because Wilt Chamberlain, a man with some blemishes, told the staff he didn’t want to see Deford. I regularly face folks who might not like my reporting on the board. In fact, its because I have some observations to make about current school board members recruiting replacement candidates for themselves and others that I particularly appreciated Deford’s comments.

Blessed is Donald Trump

From Andrew Sullivan on our Presidents visit to Rome:

He loves the exercise of domination, where Christianity practices subservience. He thrills to the use of force, while Jesus preached nonviolence, even in the face of overwhelming coercion. He is tribal, where Jesus was resolutely universal. He is a serial fantasist, whereas Jesus came to reveal the Truth. He is proud, where Jesus was humble. He lives off the attention of the crowd, whereas Jesus fled the throngs that followed him. He is unimaginably wealthy, while Jesus preached the virtue of extreme poverty. He despises the weak, whom Jesus always sided with. He lies to gain an advantage, while Jesus told the truth and was executed for it. He loathes the “other,” when Jesus’ radical embrace of the outsider lay at the heart of his teaching. He campaigns on fear, which Jesus repeatedly told us to abandon. He clings to his privileged bubble, while Jesus walked the streets, with nothing to his name. His only true loyalty is to his family, while Jesus abandoned his. He believes in torture, while Jesus endured it silently. He sees women as objects of possession and abuse, while Jesus — at odds with his time and place — saw women as fully equal, indeed as the first witnesses to the Resurrection. He is in love with power, while Jesus — possessed of greater power, his followers believe, than any other human being — chose to surrender all of it. If Trump were to issue his own set of beatitudes, they would have to be something like this:

Blessed are the winners: for theirs is the kingdom of Earth.

Blessed are the healthy: for they will pay lower premiums.

Blessed are the rich: for they will inherit what’s left of the earth, tax-free.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for oil and coal: for they will be filled.

Blessed are the merciless: for they are so, so strong.

Blessed are the liars: for they will get away with it.

Blessed are the war-makers: for they will be called very, very smart.

Blessed are those who support you regardless: for theirs is the Electoral College.

Blessed are you when others revile you and investigate you and utter all kinds of fake news about you. Rejoice and be glad, for the failing press is dying.

Misc on Memorial Day

Family and Memorial Day activities pulled me away from the blog again but on Sunday my mind was on overdrive thinking about starting a week-long series on the Fourth District campaign that is shaping up. That’s the far western Duluth District. It was on my mind in my post about condescension.

This is in response to someone I’d rather not name who reportedly predicted that this year’s school board race was going to get ugly. Hell, it couldn’t come close to getting as ugly as the entire first two years I spent back on the school Board. The two remaining board members who brought about two censures and tried to get rid of a fellow board member based on vile and unsupported accusations have been recruiting candidates. Let’s hope the campaign is spirited and centered around the serious subjects of equity and raising the money we need to hire more teachers.

As for me, I’m for burying hatchets. On that note I was invited by my old friend, Mary Cameron, to attend her Friday retirement reception at UMD. She remained on the Board that Keith Dixon took over after my retirement in 2004 and our subsequent disagreement over the Red Plan threatened to break our ten-year long friendship. We have kissed and made up but I’m chagrined to report I just discovered I missed that reception. I have never been good at coordinating my calendars. I had a paper calendar covered with papers that reminded me of the date but did not have it in my cell phone calendar that I have only begun using.

I may have taken a break from politics this weekend but but that’s not true of everyone. As I tended a patch of stonecrop on 21st Avenue I greeted City Councilor Joel Sipress who was walking past my house. We chatted a bit and he told me he was calling on delegates for next week’s DFL convention lining up support for an endorsement for his District seat. I have not done this to any degree myself yet. I certainly won’t be going door to door because I am running across the whole city and the 700 or so delegates are far beyond my ability to call on in a week’s time. I will begin contacting them tomorrow by phone.

Joel is a bit of a model for me. Until recently he was affiliated with the Green Party as I was once affiliated with the GOP. If the Democrats are to rise like a Phoenix they had better prepare to be welcoming – “Big tent” style. Bernie Sanders had that idea when he recently went to Omaha, Nebraska, to campaign for a Democratic Mayoral candidate. He was roundly criticized for this by a faction of women in the party who were angry that the Democratic mayoral candidate was pro-life. That’s no way to win back the White House or Congress or the State legislatures and Governorships that have come under Republican control.

And a sad note:

The Superintendent just texted all the School Board members about an accident involving our students. There is no respite for a school superintendent.

How the proposed Education funding law will affect negotiations.

As the school year grinds to its end a story appeared in the DNT about the Education budget that will have a significant impact on teacher negotiations. The following paragraph sounds optimistic:

Each of the two years, schools will get a 2 percent increase in the per-pupil funding formula that pays for general operations. There is also $50 million for a new preschool program called “School Readiness Plus,” which prioritizes low-income students, as well as $20 million more for early-learning scholarships.

But a few short paragraphs beyond it come calls from the teachers union for Governor Dayton to veto the bill. There is a Republican inspired language allowing Districts more freedom in hiring teachers without the professional degrees and giving District Administrators more power to keep on and/or release teachers without bending to their seniority.

I’ve not read the actual language so its hard for me to gauge just how serious a threat to tenure and seniority this law would be.

LeBeau has seen better days

This is LeBeau. Claudia and I acquired him at the Biltmore Mansion gift shop ages ago. He has had an active life in our garden ever since. He took an active part in one wedding although he would be even more embarassed by those photos being the grouch that he is.

Sadly, our winters have taken a toll on him. This is how he looked the other day as we began our spring gardening.


At least I got a good night’s sleep after seven hours of yardwork, planting and weeding. Poor old LeBeau is living his last nightmare.

Condescension in politics

I’ve mentioned to others that Hillary Clinton’s “deporables” comment was a catastrophic mistake.

The great irony of the Trump election is that blue collar workers who once voted in a mighty Democratic bloc now vote for the Republicans who are trying to tamp down Social Security, National Health Insurance and a dozen other protections that make the Koch Brothers think America is becoming socialist.

I was a Republican and a socialism supporter for years when my Mr. Russ, my high school social studies teacher told me in 1968 that America has a mixed economy – a little socialism and little free enterprise.

Back to the “deplorables.”

Here’s an important NY Times think piece that explains what Democrats must do, and do fast, before the Republicans use their former voters to cement in the Koch ideal.

And here in Duluth I’ve seen plenty of condescension from Red Plan supporters who ignored the uneven financial burden it placed on poorer voters who shouldered an unfair share of our shiny new schools. Many local elitists can’t wait to get rid of Art Johnston who keeps reminding them of the bone-headed financial planning that went into the plan which has hollowed out the teachers we need to teach our children.

Many of them stood on the sidelines cheering as he was called a racist, a bully, with a conflict of interest. All lies by my reckoning and made by folks some of whom were everything that they accused Art of being.

I don’t particularly want to conflate national politics with local politics but if the shoe fits…………..

Eye Roll Emoji

This was too good to pass up even though I have three previous posts sitting here with no text or explanation. I am very busy at my keyboard at the moment but don’t have time to work on them….yet.

But, I just got some texts about the School District and after reading them I asked if there was such a thing as an eye roll emoji.

It turns out there is.

It should save me a lot of time in the future.

The Kushy life

A New York Times editorial about a slum lord and his tenant and those awful “community organizers” like Barack Obama. A sample:

Community organizers could have helped Kushner tenants like Kamiia Warren of suburban Baltimore, who was sued for moving out of her apartment without giving two month’s notice despite having done so. Mr. Kushner’s company won an almost $5,000 judgment anyway, and garnished her wages as a home health worker, and her bank account.