Four books – Book 4

I get personal in this blog. More personal than my family would like me to be. I apparently live by a philosophy that encourages me not to hide any dirt under the rug. Maybe writing this post was prompted by this intelligent story from today’s NPR. Unlike ISD 709 I have little to hide. So: […]

Civilian authority

I haven’t blogged about the War on Terror for a long time. This little MacArthur-like episode is worthy of comment. I could not do it as economically as Andrew Sullivan who says, of General McChrystal’s contempt for his civilian bosses: Alas, as is also ironically the case, there is no way counter-insurgency can work in […]

When thin skin masquerades as civility

I was working in my shop tonight when my wife told me I’d want to see the WDIO news story about the School Board and the civility “code.” Boy was she right. I critics of the Red Plan have been tough on the sitting school board members but I’ve seen much worse. As angry as […]

The Reader and writin and rithmetic

After all the advertising I’ve put in the Northland Reader for my book I was pleased to get a last word in that publication before the election. The Eve of Construction. Damn the Reader Weekly. I was happily out of school board politics for two years when the Reader’s publisher shamed me into writing a […]

Disapearing $ and other stuff

In the comment section on the Merrit Story in the Trib my old buddy Bevan commiserates with me for the terrible abuse I’m taking. In four days only 17 comments were generated in total. Some were friendly. Not a big deal, but thanks Bevan. I’ve taken a closer look at Vote Yes’s finance reports. On […]

Suspending Belief

About that special meeting this week. No agenda was announced for it and there was a pretty big item on it – the approval of the health insurance plan with Health Partners. Usually, all contracts are discussed at the business committee meeting prior to the School Board meeting especially contracts as big as the insurance […]

I was wrong

And not for the first time. I indicated that Hockey interests in town got a million plus bucks from the Duluth School Board for the Hockey Heritage Center and that it looked like cronyism to me. Well, I finally got around to asking my old buddy, Tim Grover, about that. Apparently the money is to […]


Vic, my regular email debater sent me the following email. He’s skeptical about Dr. Miles claim that the beheadings started shortly after the abuses at the prisons started and so was his buddy who he quoted in his email back to me. “Harry: One of my law school classmates responded to me as follows, regarding […]

What can I do?

I’m just wolfing down a PBJ sandwich and some chocolate milk after five successful hours petitioning. Signatures are not hard to get. I’ve added another 100 and I still have a couple hours of daylight to get some more. I’m a fifth of the way to the minimum number I’ll need to get on the […]

Vic’s Challenge

My email buddy Vic who has sent me interesting items for years recently read my gushing praise for the “This I believe” segment sticking up for the middle. “And where is “the middle” for would-be Representative Harry Welty regarding our drug laws? The idiocy of prohibition revisited, which is what we have; or decriminalization and […]


John Ashcroft’s buddy, defeated US Senator Rod Gram, announced yesterday that he’s been thinking about running against Congressman Jim Oberstar for a couple months. DFL pundit, Wy Spano, dismisses Gram’s chances. Spano says the DFL history and the bad political year Republicans are having both doom Grams. Wy is half wrong. While this is a […]