The Republican Party today is the John Wilkes Booth Party. It really frosts my eye glasses. My oft mentioned “Buddy” used to email me repeatedly to tell me that I was a Bigot towards Republicans. Thankfully, after four years of railing against me he stopped reading my blog and sending me dippy emails about my alleged bigotry. He keeps Fox News as his web portal. He hasn’t forgiven Democrats for the Age of Aquarius.

I consider it a remarkable irony that one of the biggest jerks in US History, Lyndon B Johnson liberated blacks while a Republican Quaker Richard Nixon inaugurated a new system that has put millions of black children in prison. It was a change in our jurisprudence calculated to please the southern racists who routinely imprisoned black men and hired them out for peanuts to life destroying industries.

I’ve refrained with great restraint from using foul language to write this post. What has brought this post into existence is tonight’s watching of the 9th episode of Netflix’s Orange is the new Black, followed by watching a PBS program on how routinely America throws black juveniles into jail. It compares our insane system to one found in New Zealand related to their minority Maori citizens.

I dare any Republican who thinks I’m an idiot to a debate. Just be prepare to be proved a fool even if I’ve just written a column about how foolish it is to call another person a fool. I’ll even debate in an audience of only Republicans. Be prepared. I am a firm believer in shame.

I highly recommend that any Republican with the guts to take up my challenge watch the PBS program. I wouldn’t recommend watching Orange is the New Black especially if you are a fan of Michelle Bachmann.