Road Trip

My PCV sent me a text from his new phone at about 3:30 AM and was shocked when I responded at that early hour. I congratulated him on successfully mastering new skills. We have communicated through the morning. He is a little alarmed at all the blather I have posted and what I describe as my “diarrhea of the fingers.” He’s stuck with me and my flaws, foibles and a long history of doing things my own damned way (emphasis on damned). We had a little spat over truth vs. honesty when he mention “Harry’s truth.” I claim only to be honest not necessarily truthful. Beside’s the truth is subjective and so am I. I hope, however, that I am fairly scrupulous about making my honest thinking clear. My hero was “Honest” Abe not Truthful Abe. He said of truth, or in this case “the right,” in his Second Inaugural: “with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right. As Lincoln’s suggests, that right, that truth, is ours only as God gives us to see it and there is no assurance God gives the truth to us to see in the same way all God’s other adherents see it.

My PCV and I may get together briefly this afternoon and he has given me an assignment to fish out some names for him to call for the campaign while I’m in St. Louis. Mostly, I’d like to rest up for the trip. September is a way off yet and while the rushing around that I’ve done over the past couple of days has paid off it doesn’t need to be replicated immediately or every day of the campaign.

I’m taking my cars in to be serviced before our trek to keep them road worthy. While they are being looked at I’ll be having coffee this morning with a current school board member, Art Johnston, an old ally from Let Duluth Vote days who has some challengers on his heels this election. I may also go over and fuss over my daughter’s yard unless the newly rain soaked clay deters me. Most importantly, I’ll try to get a good night’s sleep this evening. We’re packing the U-Haul tomorrow and starting our road trip. While I’m behind the wheel I don’t want to space something as critical as depositing money in my campaign account like I did yesterday after that night’s insomnia.