Welty for School Board Committee

The first thing I did this morning upon leaving my house was to head to my daughter’s construction site. (She really wants me to leave her poor contractor alone and find my own projects to do but I’m a Dad and can’t help myself.) She found me and I gave her some pointers (which she politely endured) on what I thought she should do next.

Then I went to the bank. I ended up taking my PCV’s advice and opening a generically named account under the name of this post’s title. Easy as pie….or so I thought. I had only fallen asleep at about 5:30 that morning having gotten keyed up writing the fund raising letter until midnight that so enthused my PCV. Sleep deprivation is bad news.

I headed to pick up my PCV to get a cell phone when I realized I hadn’t given my banker any starter money to put in my new account. After picking him up we headed back to the bank to deposit the money we would need to buy a cell phone. My PCV begged me not to introduce him to my banker as My campaign’s Karl Rove. Probably because he’s a self professed Trotskyite.

Money secured we headed to Best Buy/Verizon and looked at phones. Here’s the deal.

I hate to campaign. I like to blather on my blog. I hate to ask people for favors unless it is by mail which can be disposed of without any twinge of conscience by the receiver. But, I do need someone to follow up with a little prod. My PCV agreed that he would call my lists of potential friends (all 1500 of them) and see if they would take a lawnsign or help in some other way. The challenge is this. He has no personal cell phone and never has used one.

I had no idea what could my campaign could afford so I was intrigued to find out with him. We were up against a deadline. I needed to be at KBJR by 1PM and we didn’t have as early a start on our shopping as I had hoped. Still we managed to find a month by month phone and package that gave him almost the same plethora of toys that I have on my Samsung 4G. (he had only wanted a simple phone) Bwaaa Ha Ha, PCV. Not good enough! You have to join the rest of the non Luddite world! We talking such unfamiliar things as texting, voice recognition and you tube to name a fraction of them.