Getting the hang of Snowbizz again

In recent years I only rarely have gone back to my original website which I started back in 1999. I all but abandoned it after seven years in 2006 when I started this blog which I started to promote my quixotic race for Congress. I was already writing a column for the local Duluth tabloid the Duluth Reader and had just stepped of the Duluth School Board a few years before.

I’ve kept paying for the Snowbizz domain name as its an archive of many of my eccentric interests. It was built with Microsoft’s webpage software which has changed routinely. I didn’t often change with it. Even now I’m using a ten year old version of the software which I’ve hated from the beginning because it had changed from what I was familiar with. I’m still not used to it.

With my resumption of the Not Eudora column in the Reader it makes sense to me again to go back to puttering about with the webpage. I spent long hours a couple days in a row trying to remember how to add pages to Snowbizz and figure out the software I never got accustomed to.

Back in 1999 before the first blogs I wanted to be a blogger. I just didn’t have a term for it. I wrote entries about 20 times a month in a portion of the website called School Board Diary for a couple years to explain what I saw as a Duluth School Board member. They were meant to make the school board’s mysterious ways clear. It was, as is my blog, completely self serving. I share my opinions and viewpoint.

Somehow all those original diary entries have been lost at some point as I was wrestling with webpage maintenance. I think it happened when I finally knuckled under to the local newspaper’s insistence that I remove their stories about the Duluth School District. I ignored their request for several years until I was off the Board. I think in removing those stories I mistakenly removed the diary entries that I had linked to the stories.

It was a complicated excision because I had hundreds of pages to remove. I botched the operation but the Duluth News Trib’s attorneys no longer have just cause to sue me for copyright violations.

You can read my first return column for the Duluth Reader here. As I wrote earlier it has the six other paragraph breaks which I think are necessary to help the reader thread through my convoluted analysis.

Between the blog and any reader willing to spend years at it can roughly figure out my STATED motivations. Whether anyone sacrificing their life to figure me out believes any of my drivel is up to them.