I’m ahead!

The Duluth Politics blog made an interesting discovery a couple hours ago. Apparently KDAL has an online poll for the congressional race. As of this evening I was ahead. It wasn’t even close. Duluth Politics is a little skeptical that these results will mirror the results on election night.

Holy Cow! I just checked it out. After casting a vote for myself I was still in the lead. I better go and vote a couple hundred more times to improve my margin of victory. I hope the Grams and Oberstar voters don’t think of that.


2 thoughts on “I’m ahead!”

  1. Harry, The poll results have not changed. This poll of course means nothing, it is however very interesting to see what the early results were.

    This thing with this poll is that you or I or anyone can vote more then once and I guess that many people are voting more then once.

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