Best reading of the day

I thought it would be interesting to see what gun rights folks thought about LaPierre’s press conference today.

Googled gun rights blogs and found this “top 25”

The fourth one down the list “View from the Porch” had comments from readers. A lot of them panned LaPierre.

A couple of examples:

*I would be shocked — SHOCKED! — if Wayne ever figured out the difference between “pro-gun” and “republican.”

*”Do we think there would have been a message that wouldn’t have been ridiculed and ripped apart?”

Dude, this isn’t Democratic Underground. These are a bunch of wookie-suited Libertarians and conservative gun nuts.

If WE can see the flaws in this argument and the stumbling, halting, awkward way it was presented, what do you think it looks like to the OTHER side?

Standin’ by your man ain’t doin’ him no favors when what he needs is a rehab clinic.

*So… two questions

1) What’s your favorite non-NRA gun rights lobbying organization I can go become a member of?

2) What can we do to let NRA leadership publicly know that that response was a bunch idiotic bullshit we don’t agree with?

*TheSev said…
Great freedom organization ya got there Wayne.

The answer is more big Gov’t programs to solve a problem easily taken care of by the citizens.

Obviously Wayne has allies who embarassed by him and that gives me hope that he’ll be overruled and some sensible laws might be considered. BTW Wayne evidently claimed that there were 20,000 laws in the US to restrict gun use. I have no idea how many there are but one commentator laughed that off as an asinine exaggeration. I guess Wayne is a gun right’s hysteric.