Vacation, Apathy, Metamorphosis, Whatever

I suspect that my eight loyal readers are close to giving up on me. Every so often since I started this blog in 2006 I have to let it go on hiatus. Whether this is for my peace of mind or to keep things fresh or spare myself from embarrassment is hard to say.

I think its all of the above plus a bit of all the things in the Title. I did have a Disney cruise to Alaska with my family that kept me busy but only for twelve days. Some of that time I was out at sea beyond cell phone contact and reluctant to use precious travel time to putz around on a computer. Then again that was only two weeks of the past seven or eight weeks of negligible posting.

Apathy is part of it. That has been brought about by two successive construction projects. The first I mentioned earlier had to do with a two month replacement of 100% of the tuck pointing on my home. It started out innocently enough as the rebuilding of the stairs in our front yard and morphed into a loud, messy, dusty, lawn abusing project that it was very nice to stay away from. It was a big enough hassle to dissuade me from filing for Congress and pursuing another golden goose chase.

I still managed to blog but then an even messier project developed. It too started small. I was tired of the water that seeped into our second house where our grandchildren live. Instead of a little waterproofing the foundation walls ended up being torn out and footings poured to lay new block walls. Fortunately the house didn’t slide down the hill during the June flooding and fortunately we were in sunny Alaska when the heavens poured fourth in Duluth.

I’ve kept up my reading but I’ve kept my opinions to myself for the hiatus. The Duluth Schools, the Presidential campaign, the book I’ve been writing that has been put on hold……these all are on my mind everyday. I just don’t feel like prattling on about them. Besides, since my daughter had to vacate her house I’ve been hosting two cute little boys all day, seven days a week. If I hadn’t woken up at 3:30 this AM I would have been hard pressed to write this minutiae.

My daughter might get to move back to her home this week but since her yard is little more than a vast pit of slippery clay I suspect I’ll be spending an inordinate amount of July and August helping put it in a fit condition for my grandchildren to play in again. That doesn’t bode well for blogging either.

I did read one very interesting book recently the Swerve and I just got the first hundred pages read of the latest book on LBJ by Robert Caro. They account for the metamorphosis part of the title. They are helping me during this cocooning period to transform myself into a prettier little butterfly, like the one my grandchildren might pull the wings off of. Accidentally of course.

Oh and I looked at the newly drawn districts for the Duluth School District. With all the expenses I’ve been stuck with lately the extra two thousand bucks a year the current school board gave itself as a pat on the back for the Red Plan looks mighty tempting. I wonder if I could speed my book writing up and get it out of the way before next year’s election?