One more call from India

I’ve just turned on my firewall again. I turned it off to make changes to my campaign website. A call from another Indian technician helped me figure out that, for the time being, I can’t access my website because the firewall can tell a stranger (another Indian techie) is in the process of trying to repair some software. I’ve spent way too much of two days on the phone trying to get things fixed.

At least I found out I was the only person in God’s creation unable to view my websites. Others are seeing them just fine. After a lot of aggravation I’ve gotten the chance to clean them up a bit. Tomorrow I’m expecting one more call. If that doesn’t solve my problems I’ll just tell the tech to let it go. I’ve already figured out a way to fix the problem even if it is awkward.

I’ve only got a few days to get things squared away before I go on vacation.

Good night.