Racing to Denmark

I’m trying to tidy up my campaign before my wife and I leave on Labor Day for Denmark. I’ve got to press Minnesota Debate to allow me to join the debate with Oberstar and Grams. I’ve got to get my first serious fundraising letter sent out. I’ve got to finish my financial disclosure forms for the Clerk of the House of Representatives. I’ve got to clean up my website where I created way too many pages explaining who Harry Welty is. I’ve got to prepare for my meeting with Mel and Chris at which time I will hand over the reigns of the campaign.

I’ve also got to get ready for Denmark. We purchased a stay in a thatched roof, country home in the Jutland, Peninsula last year at a fundraiser for the Bong World War II Memorial in Superior, Wisconsin. Richard Bong was a Wisconsin flyer who earned the nickname “Ace of Aces” in WW II.

The home was offered at the last minute by a couple in Duluth. I’ll be taking our laptop and a phone to keep in touch if necessary. When I return I’ll have the most important six weeks of the campaign left to get myself elected. Its an awkward time to leave a campaign but I decided before embarking on this that I wasn’t going to let campainging interfere with our home.