My Buddy is a little sensitive

On Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 3:38 PM, my [Buddy] wrote:


I am “after you”? Paranoia? I circulated the related link to about 50 people. But, then, perhaps partisans and ideologues are understandably defensive.

[your Buddy]

To which I replied:


My grandmother often said she was “provoked.” It was a rather Victorian thing for her to say but then again she was born during the Queen’s reign.

Its an innocent word but its married to the somewhat more sinsister term “provateur.” I should know because I’m one with regard to the Red Plan and the GOP. If you merely thought the Powerline comment was interesting I’m disappointed. The nugget – that Kenyes was an antisemite was interesting. That Powerline would take an interesting nugget and indict liberalism was worthy of my contempt. I heaped it on Powerline not you. You were simply the messenger…..or were you being provocative yourself?

I guess my saying that you were “after me” suggests that you were provoking me whether you intended to or not. You just roled someone else’s grenade under my nose.

I didn’t mind really. It gave me a chance to flex my liberality in front of my humongous readership and potential constituents. It was much more fun than sending them half a dozen emails reminding them they could give last minute donations to my campaign before the year was out.

Thanks and Happy New Year!