Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

It took the DNT nearly a month to get around to publishing my letter replying to Ralph Doty. I still haven’t seen it. Tomorrow maybe.

It only took about 12 hours for school board member Ann Wasson to get a reply in the paper to Art Johnston.

Ann calls Art uncivil which I’ll bet teaches him a lesson. Too bad she can’t shut off his microphone.

I was in Ann’s position ten years ago when I wanted a levy offered and one School Board member refused to support it. I spoke for ten minutes about the subject and as I got worked up ended up saying “God Dammit.” I then apologized. Five years later Ralph Doty reported that it was part of an unforgetable “profanity laced” tirade. I don’t know who couldn’t forget it and made sure Ralph heard about it. He had, afterall, been in Ohio when I gave the speech. I’d be interested to know if he watched it after calling it profanity laced. I was so proud of it that I posted it on the Web and anyone could have watched it. If Ralph watched it and still called it profanity laced he really is a sensitive fellow. If he didn’t bother watching it and called it profanity laced he’s a very lazy journalist.

I was frustrated at the time because Bob Mars opposed the levy. The standard belief ten years ago was that operational levies faced almost certain defeat if as much as a single school board member stood in opposition. So today Ann is frustrated because two board members stand in opposition to the levies she wants passed. Not only that but one of them is actively campaigning against their passage by pointing out inaccuracies in the District’s propaganda campaign.

Like Art I have no faith in the administrators who are explaining why the levy is needed. I will, however, vote for the levy. I expect to be in a significant minority voting Yes, Yes, Yes.

As Ann writes plaintively:

The upcoming levy could provide much-needed funding to reduce the need for teacher layoffs and to help manage class sizes. It could help update textbook and classroom materials, a growing need in this district, especially in the area of social studies. Many of our social studies materials are approaching 20 years old. A recent textbook adoption for math alone cost about $750,000. A recent reading adoption cost about $1 million.

Too bad Ann was more interested in schools than students when she got on the Board.