My Buddy’s second item of interest

I was watching the great Billy Wilder film Sunset Boulevard the other night with poor old William Holden floating in a pool reminiscing about how he got there when I mentioned to my wife that Holden and Jacqueline Kennedy may have had an affair. Claudia asked me with some skepticism where I’d heard that. I couldn’t recall but it might have been here.

I’ve been immersed in a number of books about the politics of the 1960s of late so this is of greater interest to me at the moment. My buddy sent me this charming short video on Jackie which is short and sweet. (BTW after Jackie married a Greek Shipping Tycoon one of my uncles gloried in calling her a “whore”). I never said anything because he was my uncle but I knew his disapprobation was widespread and, I always thought, unfair.

Even if Jackie’s affair is confirmed by the release of her memoirs I would think the admission is more a reflection of her candor and honesty than her moral scruples.