Corona Virus Monday # 4 Post

Yesterday I offered this appraisal of Attorney General Robert Barr’s letting liar Michael Flynn off as a signal to all the Trump criminals that they can expect Trump’s protection from the Justice Department should he remain in office:

We are about to find out if we need to rename the Supreme Court the “Republican National Supreme Court” just as we suddenly find ourselves with the newly renamed “Republican National Justice Department.”

I got several likes and one question, to wit:

Harry, you’ve been around the block, what should be our next step?

To which I replied:

I am probably doomed to keep walking around it but while I do, my contribution is to keep piping up to focus everyone I can reach with the necessity of sticking together till we ride out the storm. There are bigger issues than just the future of American democracy at stake. The fate of the planet and future generations are up for grabs. I hope that America’s democratic ideals will continue to be part of the future.

We need to remember that the people championing Trump are in the same boat with us. We need the patience to figure out how to pull together with them or we will just keep going around in circles.

I am an agnostic but it’s hard not to look at the corona virus the way all the moral majoritarians looked on 9/11. As an act of God punishing those in power for their hubris and their dismantling of our nation’s long standing norms.

I will plunk down 300 bucks to run against a Trumplican and join George Conway in bedeviling Trump. And I am writing a book to empty out my head and stay sane and in good humor for the half dozen people who may take pity on my aspirations to be a political sage.

It will be my modest contribution to finding our way back to a common good. If a majority of voters in states with a majority of electoral votes does the same thing we can breath easier after November…..through our face masks.