Warrenism 1

My ex brother-in-law, a staunch Bernie supporter, is reluctantly coming to grips with a Biden Candidacy.We have had many spirited debates.He recently sent a Facebook post with a news story from The Hill reporting that polls show that 40% of voters today support Republicans in general but only 35% support Democrats.

To this I simply replied “Scary.” A sorry. Uninspired answer.

Brad replied by insinuating that Biden was not up to the job of dealing with all of the criminals overrunning the Trump administration. Here is my reply to Brad:

Saying “scarry” was a placeholder reply. I’d seen the headline before. I still haven’t read the story. I hope the poll is an outlier. If it’s not it will be evidence that our politics has become dangerously poisonous and in desperate need of a good cleansing. I like Sanders. His strenuous arguments for change will be needed. I think his cures are antique and miss the target we should be aiming at. This opinion piece reflects my thinking. https://nyti.ms/2TIteq5