Back in the Saddle again

So to speak. I posted twice from Arizona while I was away. It was a good vacation. Actually it was a good second vacation as I returned from a short Disney cruise one week earlier. Having posted very little for the past few weeks I’m please my eight loyal readers kept visiting despite having so little fresh food at my blog buffet.

I finished my Not Eudora column on the flight home last night and bent over backwards to get its sent to the Reader for this week’s issue. I scarcely had the bandwith at O’Hare field to get it sent then had to send some corrections afterward. As promised earlier its titled Arizona Highways.

At noon today I dropped by the now silent Duluth offices of Bloomberg’s campaign to express my gratitude to Josh and Nicole for their part in moving the primary season into the hands of someone poised to give Trump a run for his money. They were however gone. And from what I’ve read in the news, they were dropped a little unceremoniously from the campaign by Mr. Bloomberg against the expectations that they and other Bloomberg staffers had a guaranteed job harrying Trump until November.

Now that my vacations are over I intend, once again, to begin writing books. Oh Harry. Please don’t disappoint yourself again. Get to work.

I kept up with the news all the way through Arizona and it will be hard to tear myself away to write. Even the blog beckons. I’m discomfited by all the trolling of Democrats in Facebook. Trump loons and Ruskie trolls have perfected their primary work of pissing off Democrats. I suspect half of the apparent Bernie lovers are fakes but real ones not Trump’s Fake News fakes.

Among the latest tactics is to assure Biden supporters that Biden has lost it and is in full blown dementia. One such post ended with the oblique comment “What would Eugene V. Debs do?” I’m sorry but mentioning the imprisoned socialist who got a million votes for President in 1916 while in jail is just the sort of smart-ass comment a recent college poly sci drop out would throw around. A true Bernie supporter could give a damn about that factoid.

At any rate I’ll offer up my Facebook comment on the subject of Biden’s alleged unfitness for the Presidency, to wit:

Winston Churchill may never have said this but I have always liked this quote attributed to him. “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing…after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”

I’m for the failing Biden. He should lead us back from the abyss over 4 years before winking out. Does America need a shot of Sanders. You betcha it does. Its 50 years overdue. But lots of things take time. Black voters who are still decades away from being treated as equals and a century away from overcoming 400 years worth of disadvantages collectively understand this. Four more years of Trump is their biggest impediment. America was hardly ready for a black President. Apparently Americans still would prefer a rat bastard to a socialist. I don’t like it either but don’t think I am an idiot for understanding this ridiculous morass and acting rationally in supporting Biden.

To which yet another troll exulted in Biden’s dementia. I added this:

BTW – Ronald Reagan was showing serious signs of a confused intellect in his last term as president and it was a great success. More so than his first term.

Reagan was a real President who did his best to be everybody’s President even if you didn’t care for his priorities.