Trading on your Daddy’s name

I get emails regularly from Worldview Weekend by “Brannon Howse and friends.”

Its an unrepentant combination of right wing politics, Christian fundementalism, and profiteering. I only recommend it to folks who want to know what sort of unsilliness is out there contaminating people’s minds with the aforementioned propaganda machine.

Today’s email hyped a new service that would allow folks who want to deprive “liberal” email operations of money and give it instead to Ronald Reagan’s relentlessly self promoting son Michael who presents himself as his Father’s reincarnation. Just how well he has been incarnated can be witnessed in this inaccurate Worldview hype suggesting that Ronald Reagan was a great abortion foe.

Stop Supporting Abortion, Socialism, and Anti-American Politicians When You Can Support the Exact Opposite with A Email Address

The inspiration for came from Michael Reagan when he realized that most of the organizations providing email services are supporters of the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid agenda and do not adhere to true Reagan Conservative values. �If a fellow Conservative has a problem or feels uncomfortable using the services of a Liberal organization, so do I” Said Michael Reagan. “I see a large number of people who believe in Reagan Conservative Values unwittingly supporting businesses and organizations that support and promote Liberal and Socialist causes! That has to stop.” Click here to get your Email address now: Email service provides its users with peace of mind by knowing that none of the proceeds will go to support any liberal cause. Email key features include:

How much of an abortion foe was Ronald Reagan?

Reagan was not as obsessive about anti-abortion legislation as he often seemed. Early in his California governorship he had signed a permissive abortion bill that has resulted in more than a million abortions. Afterward, he inaccurately blamed this outcome on doctors, saying that they had deliberately misinterpreted the law. When Reagan ran for president, he won backing from pro-life forces by advocating a constitutional amendment that would have prohibited all abortions except when necessary to save the life of the mother. Reagan’s stand was partly a product of political calculation, as was his tactic after he was elected of addressing the annual pro-life rally held in Washington by telephone so that he would not be seen with the leaders of the movement on the evening news. While I do not doubt Reagan’s sincerity in advocating an anti-abortion amendment, he invested few political resources toward obtaining this goal.

I’d hate to think that Michael Reagan will be offering his anti-abortion email service just because there’s money to be made.