A “Trumplican ?????” and the fate of the nation

I don’t often wake up and change a word in a hot blog post. I just did it this morning. I have a car to drive in alone to express my most virulent and impassioned words while shouting myself hoarse.

But later this morning I’ll contemplate the “?????” I just typed in to replace a word that my readers caught between 11PM last night to this morning at 5:48AM.


It’s been a couple days now. Halloween has come and gone. School board related things are on my mind. The word I typed in is one of a great many words that are hurled at people willing to sacrifice decency for pay or survival.

I can forgive people for wanting to survive…steaing breadcrumbs to feed starving children for instance. But sacrificing decency to win an election. I have no use for those priorities.