Bad News Everywhere

After reading an on-scene report from the Bahamas its a little hard to work up steam about other issues like distracting Twitter Wars. There was a Haitian shanty town that was leveled with untold numbers of anonymous refugees buried under the debris. One boat with such folks on it fleeing to safety ahead of Dorian and heading to Florida kicked the illegals off to weather the storm in the Bahamas.

But there is more to be concerned about. A conflagration in Duluth burned down an historic synagogue. We’ll have to wait to find out if it could possibly have been arson. Many of us will wonder why after eighty years someone bothered to attack it now.

And there is this in the School District. Denfeld Principal Tonya Sconiers and her attorneys have announced a suit against the Superintendent and School Board. The link takes you to a press conference from Tonya’s attorneys in which they keep their client from answering any questions.

I’ll spare you my conjectures at least for now. Unfairness is alleged and it is a Federal case. In my experience the Superintendent is a very risk averse leader. And yet, he proceeded with an administrative leave. The attorneys posed the question: How does a phenomenal employee suddenly become one in need of firing. They say race is a part of this suit as well as free speech. Whistle blowing is a specialty of the law firm. I will be interested in learning what whistle-blowing took place beyond blowing the whistle on the firing of a minority employee by the employee herself. Having just hired a controversial Assistant Principal, who is named in Mrs. Sconiers’ suit, does not on the face of it look good.

There appears to be as much legal self promotion in this press conference as information about the lawsuit. Here is a link to the lawfirm’s website.

Bear in mind that my name was on a suit against the Duluth Schools ten years ago with an “et al” appended to it.