Casting a spell

This is a brilliant cartoon by the DNT’s Steve Lindstrom. My brother read Trump’s ghost-written Art of the Deal and it was his bible whoever the ghost was. One of the books lessons was: be prepared to walk away from a deal. Trump faked a couple walk-aways but he’s currently desperate to get North Korea and China among others to keep negotiating in hopes that it will help his sagging popularity and tanking economy. Too bad the President didn’t read his own book.

However, like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice he has conjured an army of brooms to drown the nation.

The brooms? They tend to answer “YES” to the following questions:

* I fantasize about a natural disaster wiping out most of humanity such that a small group of people can start all over

* I think society should be burned to the ground

* Sometimes I just feel like destroying beautiful things

* There is no right and wrong in the world

I read the original story in the NYTimes. Here’s a summary:

And, of course, this counts many of Trump’s evangelical supporters who are eager for a “Rapture.”