13 cents to Furious Hours

I’ve been attending to the necessary errands of life all day so, other than my thirty minutes of French Study this is the first time I’ve been able to open the computer. The fiscal part of this post’s title refers the the vast haul of money I found on the parking lot when I went to buy a chocolate covered roll at Mt. Royal. As soon as I pocketed it I realized it added up to that unlucky sum. Two nickles, three pennies. Then I crossed over to check my PO Box which had not yet gotten any thing other than come ons from sellers of political detritus.

Got my first book order with Five dollars to spare. I’m not superstitious.

The end of the title refers to the book I heard someone rave about on NPR and which I immediately ordered Claudia to download. She just started it and is mesmerized. Its about the last real life story that Harper Lee failed to publish a book about. Its about a serial killer.

I wish I had time to read it to her.

Between these events I helped a little with the moving in of new cabinets to our kitchen.

I entertained my grandson. I did some yard work. I mopped up water from the recent storm in my basement. My gutters were plugged. I got rid of my darned 2017 campaign Facebook Page. I hooked up air conditioners. Picked up sheet music for a duet to sing at church with my daughter, bought new LED lights for the basement and a new dehumidifier. And oh yeah. At 4 AM I wrote something else but I’ll be darned if I can recall what it was just now. Ah. I see its just after ten PM. Time for me to feed Moloch. (my cat)

Aw Shucks. I just remembered I promised to paint Church windows tomorrow. I’ll be thinking about my book.