Campaigning in Florida

Its an otter. He was sunning himself by the lake at my father-in-laws. I’ve been visiting his place for years. I always wondered if an alligator would show up but today we got an otter. It slid back into the water when a mosquito control vehicle sped past.

The Palm Coast is having the hottest June weather since 1944. Thank goodness for AC. I hid from mother nature and stuffed 170 fund raising envelopes. They will probably make it to Duluth from Florida about as fast as if I’d mailed them from Duluth. I finished editing the letter in Jupiter, printed it and ordered envelopes and address labels. My letter invites potential contributors a book in 100 days by me about my attitude toward and experience with public education. All of the addressees have contributed at some time to previous campaigns. About 70 of the addressees ordered a book about the Red Plan that I never completed. I found the records which listed to whom I returned $700 in refunds since I gave up on writing the book.

I don’t plan on refunds this time.