Avoiding Rabbit Holes on the Solstice

After six hard fought hours dreaming leading up to today’s solstice I woke up stewing about a young woman who entered my last dream just as the day broke. I was involved in some sort of anti-authoritarian attempt to put up blockades between nations. At first I thought she was a ragamuffin on my side but as I woke up she was telling me how she had had some liberal write her to praise what she was doing. She laughed that she had met the fellow and that they had gotten along famously. Then she told me the next day she put the man’s name and address on a website where it would be spread around in circles where he might find himself targeted by her kind of Manson-like anarchists who might stalk and kill him.

And as I woke up I thought about my old neighbor Jim Fetzer. Years ago I read that he had been asked to debate a creationist who made a living infuriating Darwinists at huge public rallies in front of fundamentalists Christians and Republicans who needed assurance that science was bunk. I knew Jim lived a couple doors down from my place so I went over to wish him well. We chatted amiably and I lent him my anti-Darwin reference book. I went to the performance and was appalled how badly he let the pro-evolution side. It then took me a year’s prodding to get him to give me back my book. Later he took to the circuit of cultists who insist that JFK was assassinated by the CIA just like Dr. Kohl of the Reader. Dr. Kohl also takes pains to assure his readers that modern drugs are more than just financially crippling but flat-out poisonous and murderous just like vaccinations. I only realized who whacked out he was when he wrote a column about how the destruction of the World Trade Towers was a CIA plot too. Sheesh!

I’ve written about Fetzer a couple times. Here’s one of the columns: Avast! Right Wing Conspiracy. Fetzer kind of liked it.

Maybe that dream was about Fetzer’s latest turd. The Trib reported that, along with Alex Jones, Fetzer has been preaching that there never was a massacre of children at Sandy Hook. I had no idea Fetzer was quite this addled. Yesterday it was reported that Fetzer lost a court case brought against him by this abomination.

I spend a lot of time annoying ill-informed people who have positions of power that exceed their gray matter. But God save me from delusions like these.

Here’s my reply to all the Fetzers out there: