The Second District Duck

My office is clean as a whistle. It only took me a year. I’ve gathered the materials I need so that I can find the reference points I need to write a book about my life in the Education biz. I’m thrilled. Its so pleasant up here that both of my cats are snoozing behind me in the sun. I think they are up here because its the farthest they can go from the destruction of our kitchen but that’s OK. Its nice to have a refuge. (Its being remodeled.)

At the top of this post you can see that I put up a map of the Second District I hope to represent again. Its outlined in blue. The orange and yellow lines which cover almost all of its streets represent the areas I canvassed in the 2017 election. I did 30,000 steps close to daily according to my pedometer. This map only represents one-fourth of the whole City that I covered. All that walking is why I got plantar fasciitis so badly that I couldn’t walk for a few days near the end of the campaign.

Next to the map is my 140-day campaign calendar. Four days have been slashed out and you can see the yellow line that has been driving me to speed things up. That, starting Saturday, is when I’ll be out of town visiting my Father-in-law in hot, humid Florida. It took that long for Claudia to be up to a trip. It will give me a quiet week to do some writing. A thousand pages a day. I swear. I’ll get it done. One book in 100 to 120 days. I’ve already contacted a printer specializing in books. I have to price it before I let my eight loyal readers put in their order for it.