What I’ve been reading today Wed. 6/12/2019

For the last year I’ve been emailing important stories to myself to alert my eight loyal readers. I rarely link to them because I thought I should elaborate on them myself. No more. Most come from the New York Times and those following my links will no doubt discover that the Times will limit the number they can read each month without a subscription.

Here are important news stories from today:

Americans report that they are most interested in reading news about Health Care, Climate Change, Education and Economics but due to Facebook and Google spend most of their time reading divisive stories about National Security Politics, Immigration and Sportshttps://www.axios.com/news-consumption-read-topics-56467fe6-81bd-4ae5-9173-cdff9865deda.html?sfns=mo

Diane Hendricks is not one of America’s better-known billionaires. But she is, according to Forbes, the richest self-made woman in the country, with a fortune estimated at around $7.2 billion. Her wealth swamps that of better-known billionaires like eBay veteran Meg Whitman, Oprah Winfrey, Facebo… http://flip.it/tTxA-k

Some dying American coral reefs are being treated with anti-biotics http://flip.it/m4YpJM

Having gutted Russia’s democracy Putin is using other democracy’s legal systems to undermine them. https://www.npr.org/2019/06/12/731578176/report-russia-exploits-western-legal-systems-institutions-to-its-advantage