A press release not published…

… By the Duluth News Tribune

Because press releases fill up space and require no actual work on the part of reporters, Duluth media outlets love them. They’ll parrot press releases from anybody–except for one person. So far, no Duluth media outlet has managed to parrot mine. Oh well. They’ll be crying when the Monitor’s kicking their butts around the block. T minus thirteen days to launch.

PRESS RELEASE–Launch of the Duluth Monitor

The Duluth Monitor, an online news publication, will launch on June 19, 2019.

John Ramos, publisher of the Monitor, says, “Duluth is badly in need of quality journalism. Over the last couple of decades, the news business in the city has been greatly diminished. The newspapers don’t have enough reporters left to cover basic governmental meetings, let alone undertake serious investigations. The TV stations offer great weather forecasts and bantering on-air personalities, but little else. We sense that people in Duluth and the surrounding region are hungry for meaningful news. We intend to supply that demand.”

Ramos is also the Monitor’s lead investigative reporter. He promises a big story for the launch.

Contact information:

John Ramos