Club for Growth, Club against Donald

I like a little schadenfreude as much as the next fellow and I’m particularly enjoying Mr. Kellyanne Conway‘s dead on deflation of President Trump. Obiously the President and Kellyanne hold no terrors for the terror from the Club for Growth.

Conway’s organization has been steadily making the Republican Party ripe for a Trump takeover for a decade or more by removing moderate Republicans leaving only a rump party with a lot of gas blowing out of it. For instance one of the grand old moderate Republicans was Indiana’s Senator Dick Luger. The Club for Growth blew him out of the water in 2010 in one of the internecine primary battles wit its deep corporate pockets. And as animated as Mr. Kellyanne is now it took him a while to grasp the obvious – that Donald Trump cares only about himself not the nation.

Conway’s anti-tax club shares the same attitude as its clone Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform to wit: “Our goal is to shrink government to the size where we can drown it in a bathtub.”

What Mr. Kellyanne and his ilk have done is turn their back on the Republican Party’s founding which brought us our first income tax to finance the Civil War and Teddy Roosevelt to organize the Federal Reserve System. When I was a kid Republicans could be counted on countering the worst excesses of Democrats to bleed dollars for every worthy cause. But they didn’t deny that those causes existed. Obamacare was largely the work of long gone Republicans like Minnesota Senator Dave Durrenberger. Now Conway is doing his best after the fact to curb Donald Trump’s self dealing. That’s commendable. I wonder if that explains Trumps recent nomination of Sherman Moore to the Federal Reserve. Moore co-founded Conway’s Club for Growth. Since Kellyanne and the President seem impotent to curb Conway perhaps Sherman might be useful to Trump in chastising Conway.