The Deadline passes

For those who wondered why my blog has been so still there is a simple explanation. I was muzzling myself while the plaintiffs dickered with the School Board’s attorneys.

Today was the day the five plaintiffs gave the District as a deadline to accept our last offer so that the case could be dismissed. I thought for a while that I was going to be the tough guy in negotiations but I was surprised that I was the milquetoast. Move Forward Duluth’s chief spokesman has had great fun suggesting that the plaintiffs were begging for relief. Not quite. We’ll see how many more teachers our Board is willing to sacrifice to pay for continued legal expenses.

The chief stumbling block for the School Board was its desire to avoid future lawsuits by the plaintiffs and it demand that we silence ourselves and not talk about the issues relating to our suit. I simply bit my tongue (or my blog) until we knew the results. A settlement could have neutered this blog. Fortunately, there’s no chance of that happening now. The show must go on and, judging by tonight’s primary election results, not a moment too soon.