Harry’s Campaign Diary, 6-28-2018

I have about two months before the primary campaign is over. This blog is like Ben Franklin’s kite on that stormy night waiting for a lightning bolt to strike. BTW When I was in fifth grade this was one of my favorite kid’s books.

This book gave me a vivid impression of one of America’s most beloved founding fathers. He was a rascal and he was regarded in France as a man whose intellect was the equal of any European. The French also loved is funny hat.

As smart as I probably am I’m soon to be put into the dustbin by my grandsons who have (I’ve been told) memorized all the lyrics of the musical that has taken America by storm – Hamilton. I have had the book that inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to write the musical. The book, authored by historian, Ron Chernow, has sat on my bookshelf for about 15 years waiting its turn for me to dig into. Some fuddy duddies probably don’t trust that musical because a funny colored man with a foreign sounding name wrote it and used Rap for his libretto. You can imagine the critics – thin skinned neo-Republicans who thought poor Vice Saint Pence was embarrassed after his VP investiture when the Hamilton cast begged him not to forget Hamilton’s message of hope for the nation. Today’s Republicans can’t handle that kind of crap. They can’t wait to tear up Hamilton’s fiscal legacy.

Well, guess what. My wife and I decided to splurge. A week before my big primary face off with Pete Stauber we are heading to Chicago with our grandson’s and their parents to see Hamilton. Its time I started learning the story since I haven’t gotten around to the book. (Although I did read a short paperback bio about the most dangerous politician until President Trump back in 1994. That was Aaron Burr who shot Hamilton dead sort of the way President Trump has been attempting to kill anything with Obama’s name on it – like medical insurance for Americans. (I know the year I read the book because I’ve been keeping track of my serious reading since 1979)

I keep trying to figure out how to wrestle with the dark money millions of Pete Stauber’s campaign with my lone $40.00 donation. I’m not giving up. Franklin captured some lightning in his bottle and I’ve got almost two months to make Trump’s cheerleader, Commissioner Stauber, answer for his obsequious loyalty to Aaron Burr…..Sorry, sorry, I meant, Donald Trump.

I am waiting to link the blog to another dreadfully boring hour-long video of all the non-Stauber candidates at that recent Hibbing Forum I just took part in. I’m sure my temporarily boosted 12 loyal readers can’t wait to have their eyes glaze over. This is the kind of information that makes dictatorships seem so exciting.

Thank Goodness for small favors. My computer didn’t act glitchy today. I thought I would be taking it into the repair shop this morning. Wish me luck. My $40 dollar donation won’t cover that cost if I have to cover it before August 14th. If you want to make Pete nervous double my war chest. Just go to my Meet Harry Robb Welty page and make an online donation. Another $40.00 might give Pete a heart attack. And I’m not just counting on cold cash to challenge Pete. I’m sure Ben Franklin is with me, and his mouse too!