Campaign Diary

Several modest things have transpired related to my campaign.

I got my first donation. It was a check for $40 dollars. Watch out Koch Brothers. Watch out Pete Stauber. Now I’ll have to contact the hapless Federal Elections Commission to see what kind of accounting I have to do between now and the August primary. They have not contacted me.

I’ve agreed to go to my first candidate forum. This one will be in Hibbing and every other candidate except Pete Stauber has agreed to attend. I’ll be in the lions cage with four DFLers and one Independent. Evidently the Hibbing paper, another Forum clone, has expressed very little interest in it. That may be because a group affiliating itself with “resistance” politics is putting it on. That’s an anti-Trump movement. I only found that out after I agreed to attend. The next night will be the big Trump rally which has just been switched from the Duluth Arena to Superior, Wisconsin’s Amzoil Arena which can evidently hold an additional 2,000 folks.

I just added a page on gun control to the blog. You can find it here.

My orignal “eight loyal readers” may be in despair because I’ve posted very little about the Duluth Schools for several weeks missing some big news events. Neither have I posted a number of interesting stories about politics from the New York Times which I had emailed to myself for that purpose. Oh yeah, and I haven’t written anything about my study of French or preparations for France for a while. That should be on my blog plate too.

I will note today’s Time’s article which perfectly fits in with my plans should I capture lightning in a bottle. I’ll have much more to say about it because I think we can count on Pete Stauber to shoulder his way into the no nothing ideologues who are accessories in Trump’s dysfunction. Take a look at it.